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TIPS to hiring A Players During Tight Economic Times

01/20/2009 – Kim Follis, CPC, CTS, Vice President

Delta Dallas News - Tips to Hiring a Player

In today's market, companies are wanting to do more with less. Selecting the type of "A" Player employee that can help grow your business--as well as contribute in a variety of ways--is a hot topic for business leaders today. Not only are the concrete skills and abilities of an employee critical to success, soft skills are what companies are finding make the difference between the "A" and "B" players. Below are TIPS for success in 2009 to increase your ability to attract the stars.

Guidelines to Hiring:

Do not Settle:

"A" players are out there. Know what are must-haves for the position and stay true to your expectations.

Beware and investigate:

Due diligence with information gathered will separate the truth from perception of the truth. Do not take everything that the candidates say at face value. In other words, it is very easy for candidates to fall back on lay offs or reorganization or downsizing as reasons for leaving, thinking that hiring authorities will not verify. It is your responsibility to confirm the details.

Time kills deals:

"A" players do not last long in any economy, and companies who are ready to get what they want are making timely decisions and not thinking twice.

Sell the Sizzle:

"A" players are being pursued by multiple opportunities, and you have to be competitive in presenting why they should come to work for you. Be prepared to answer questions that include: What makes their position impressive? Why would someone want to work for their company? What sets you apart from their competitors? You need to be passionate about the company and give the "A" players a reason to pick you and your opportunity.

You get what you pay for:

Be prepared to be competitive with your 'A" player candidate in terms of compensation, benefits, job responsibilities, and role within the company. Companies need to realize the investment that they are making today will serve them well in the future. Yes, companies are being fiscally frugal, but cutting cost with a potential of higher returns is not a recommended strategy.

What To Look for in an 'A" Player:

Be open minded to the definition on an 'A" player:

Consider core strengths and well as experience to evaluate how the candidate will impact your company. Looking outside of the normal mold of the job description when reviewing resumes of candidates can present great potential.

Commitment to success and positive thinking:

You want to hire an individual who has a natural inclination towards personal excellence and determination towards problem solving.

Ability to wear different hats:

Select candidates who can contribute to your company in multiple ways.

Right "FIT" for any job means having core characteristics:

Company culture encompasses various facets that can make or break the employment relationship . Energy level, communication style, problem solving ability, past behavior in the work place, occupational interests, and way of thinking and doing business needs to be addressed in identifying 'A" players.

Kim Follis
Vice President