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Finding Superstars

05/20/2011 – Debbie Trevino, Partner, CSO, Delta Dallas

Talent is always in demand. Always.

Every industry, every economy and every organization demands top talent to achieve sustainable success. Great leaders know that one talented, key player can do the work of three average employees. Talent is not something you want to pass by.

At Delta Dallas, we have been seeing an interesting dynamic as of late. The economy is speeding up and employers are beginning to feel the talent crunch. I know what you are thinking What??? There are a slew of candidates just sitting on their couches waiting for a phone call. Not so, while unemployment is still relatively high and there are people sitting on their couches waiting for a phone call these are not the candidates that you necessarily want working in your company. Remember, talent is always in demand.

Our clients look for talented employees with very specific backgrounds and are often very optimistic about the candidate pool that will be available to them. This optimism is warranted to a point. We are finding very talented candidates for our clients to interview, the problem is, star candidates have multiple companies interviewing them. That's right, they now have options and they are taking advantage of the opportunity to choose their next employer. We have not seen this dynamic in the marketplace for several years. As employers design their hiring plans and set up their interview criteria they are not considering that they may lose the candidate they want to hire. We have had multiple clients since January lose their top candidate because they were too slow to make an offer or because their offer was not competitive. After going through the arduous process of interviewing, it is extremely frustrating to come up empty handed. We are seeing candidates in IT, Accounting and Administrative Support roles get two and three offers.

As an employer, now is not the time to sit on your hands while making an employment decision. I am not saying to rush into hiring but you know talent when you see it. You know what characteristics and requisite skills work well in your organization. Have confidence in your decision-making abilities, and when you see talent, don't let it get away. Move quickly and be competitive.

Debbie Trevino
Partner & Chief Strategy Officer
Delta Dallas