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Employment Trends for 2014!

01/14/2014 – Delta Dallas Staffing

Happy New Year from Delta Dallas! The new year means new possibilities for your career. If you have decided that 2014 is the year for change and you are taking your job search to the next level, there are important job searching trends that are important for you to understand.

1) Understanding technology is key.

Mobile job searching and electronic resumes are the norm. You need to be prepared to apply for jobs at anytime from anywhere. Be sure to have an updated electronic resume ready to submit online at any time. Have access to a computer with video capabilities for possible online interviews and be prepared to take online assessments that may be required as a part of the interview.

2) Contract work and working remotely will be more normal.

Employers are beginning to discover that employees don't necessarily always work from 8-5 and don't always have to be in the office. They are also discovering that hiring part time and supplemental staff can really improve business. Keep an open mind to all of your options.

3) Your online presence will be a deciding factor for many employers.

Researching possible new hires online before making decisions is becoming very normal. Employers will routinely check social media and other online sources for information about you, before making a hiring decision. Make sure that everywhere your name may come up online, makes a good impression to a potential boss. (Even Facebook!)

The new year may provide many new and exciting opportunities. Be sure that you are prepared to make a positive impact on your job search by understanding the trends.