4 Common IT Staffing Challenges and their Solutions

The job market for IT professionals is getting more competitive for both candidates and employers. According to a recent report by DICE – US’ leading tech job site – 78 percent of hiring managers anticipate an increase in the demand of IT personnel in 2016, whereas 49 percent feel that the time required to fill their vacant positions has increased notably, in comparison to last year. As a result, hiring skilled IT personnel has become challenging than ever. Although finding a qualified match for any role can be a challenge, hiring IT personnel has some unique roadblocks. That’s why it is common to see many businesses take the assistance of IT employment agencies – be it Dallas, Texas, or any other region – to get the right fit for open positions. To support your staffing efforts, this blog post discusses four major IT recruitment challenges and their remedies. Take a look.

1. Identifying Core Skills

Many IT job candidates often mention extraneous technical terms in their resume. When hiring managers come across such resumes, they often keep aside their pre-planned interview agenda and question the candidate on the mentioned skills. If the candidate is unable to meet the expectations of the employer with their answers, they may get eliminated even when they may have all the skills enough for the applied position. Therefore, IT employers must prioritize questions on the skills that are relevant to the job position and access if the candidate has enough experience with the skills for which they need them.

2. Exact Skill-set Match

Finding the right set of skills for different roles is one of the most biggest challenges faced by IT employers. Most employers need candidates who excel in multiple skills to help the company complete different projects, without having to hire a specialist for each role. An easy way to fix this problem is taking the assistance of IT employment agencies that have access to a large database of talent, and therefore, can help you find candidates with the exact skill-sets you need for your organization.

3. Geographical Limitations

Many IT companies are often unable to hire the right talent due to geographical limitations. To ensure your company does not miss out on the top qualified candidates, it is important to have a flexible interview process. You can use any video conferencing application to conduct online interviews of job seekers based in distant locations. However, beware of fraudulent applicants who pretend to be someone else, and make sure you work with a trusted recruitment agency.

4. Reaching Talent Faster than Competitors

Probably the biggest hurdle for companies looking for IT professionals is acquiring the top candidates before they are hired by other companies. To help overcome the challenge, here are some of the best practices:

Social Media Screening
Almost all IT professionals are on social networking websites. Therefore, employers can use platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Google Plus to discover potential future employees for diverse roles.

Social Aggregation
To expedite your talent search process, you can use social aggregation tools such as “Hiring Solved”, “Gild”, and “TalentHook”. These tools help find candidates as per specific skills, rank, and also show how active they are on social websites.

Networking Events
Networking events not only help you create business alliances and promote your brand, but also give you an avenue to find experienced professionals. You can attend technical conferences, charity events, and recruiting events at technical colleges.


IT employers need to find professionals who are not only technologically sound, but also have the curiosity and the zeal to scale their abilities while staying true to their organizational objectives. Taking the assistance of a staffing agency such as Delta Dallas can help you find the right candidates for different roles. We are one of the fastest growing IT employment agencies in Dallas, Texas, specializing in sourcing professionals for all types of roles, be it related to cyber security, data management, development, or any other domain. To learn more about our services, call us at (972) 362-9552 or fill out this contact form.