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Your Resource for Permanent and Flexible Staffing Options.

Direct Hire

Delta Dallas offers direct hire placement of professionals in administrative, call center, accounting/financial, engineering, HR, legal, and technical positions. Our testing and screening process ensures you will meet only with candidates who are the best qualified for your openings. Our certified recruiters get to know your company's culture to ensure you not only get the most qualified candidate, but the right person for your business.


When unexpected staffing needs arise, our supplemental resources can fill immediate positions in your organization. Whether you need one or 50 supplemental employees, our thoroughly tested, always available team is highly qualified and highly flexible. Supplemental employees are actually employees of Delta Dallas, so employers are safeguarded from many governmental regulations.

On-Site Staff Management

For clients who don't have the resources or the time to manage a diverse supplemental team, we can assist with on-site staff management. From your offices, we can recruit, train, manage, and monitor supplemental staff. Many of our clients find this an appealing solution, as it frees precious time for their busy executives.

Direct Hire By The Hour

Many full-time employees start out as hourly placements. If one of our supplemental employees turns out to be a great fit for your organization (as they often do!), we'll work with you to help bring them on board as a full-time employee.

Contact us today at 972-788-2300, or submit a job order, and we'll help you find the candidate that's right for you.

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