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Additional Services

Delta Dallas' services go beyond staffing solutions to include workforce analytics, payrolling, and managed staffing services.

Workforce Analytics

Our experienced team can evaluate your current workforce, compare it to your future vision and detail the steps to achieve your staffing goals. Whether your concern is budget, talent, resources...or all three, Delta Dallas can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Delta Dallas can payroll your contract staff and help you meet all state and federal payrolling requirements. We can also provide detailed utilization reports with metrics that are customizable to your specific needs. At Delta Dallas we know that tracking utilization is just as important as cutting checks and we can facilitate the payroll information needed to make the toughest staffing decisions.

Managed Staffing Services

Delta Dallas can be your resource for staffing management. As a leader in the industry, we help you get the most for your staffing dollar as we bring top talent to your front door. Our team starts by analyzing which services would best be served through provider management. We then walk clients through our process until they have a solution that fits their organizational requirements. We are a results-oriented service provider and we make your organization's global objectives our priority as we focus on staffing.

Contact us today at 972-788-2300 and we'll help you develop a solution that's right for your business.

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