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10 Commandments to Recruit the Right Talent

10 Commandments to Recruit the Right Talent

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that, by the end of 2022, the employment in the US will grow to 161 million – a 10.8 percent increase compared to where it was the same time in 2012. The industries that are expected to lead the surge include finance, healthcare, personal care, and construction; whereas, the cities that are expected to mark the maximum growth in job opportunities include Dallas, Houston, McAllen, Phoenix, and San Jose. In the times to come, job seekers will be able to choose from a wider range of opportunities, and therefore, will be more selective about job offers.

What Can Employers Do?

Continuing with the discussion on how to strengthen the talent acquisition process, here are Ten Commandments employers need to follow.
1. Ensure Complete Clarity in Job Descriptions
Recruiters need to ensure that the job descriptions they use to seek candidatures must clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the openings. Ambiguous or incomplete job descriptions may not only lead to confusions, but may also force the wrongly-hired employees to leave the company on a bad note.
2. Define an Initial Screening Process
To make the recruitment process easier and save the time of the assessment team, it is essential to define an initial screening process, to filter the resumes that do not qualify make it to the next round. For instance, a finance recruitment firm looking to recruit a company CFO may have a precondition that any candidate to be considered for the position must at least have a masters degree in finance from a premier institute.
3. Scan All Relevant Resources
When recruiting, companies must use all the relevant resources where they can find suitable candidates. For example, a company that is looking for fresh graduates is more likely to find suitable candidates on social sites such as Facebook; whereas the same company is more likely to find candidates for a senior role on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.
4. Leverage Online Skill Tests
To test the analytical, logical reasoning and other such skills of the candidates, recruiters can leverage online skill tests. Online skill tests enable employers to assess candidates beyond their resumes, and gain an insight on various characteristics that might be critical for the roles for which they are being screened.
5. Test with a Real Problem
Once the candidate clears the preliminary rounds or requirements, it’s time to call the candidate for an in-person interview and give them a real problem to resolve. How well the candidate handles the problem and their approach to the problem – no matter whether or not they are able to resolve it – will determine if the candidate qualifies for the next round.
6. Be Flexible with Preconditions
It is okay to relax the preconditions if you think the candidate is worth some relaxation. Though not often, there would certainly be times when you would come across candidates who may not fit into your predefined criteria, but may still be a better suited candidate, compared to the ones who actually qualify the prerequisites.
7. Be Flexible with Modes of Communication
Unless you want to leave your candidates with the impression that your company is still stuck in the Victorian era, be flexible with the mode of communication you use. For example, if it’s difficult for a candidate to come for an in-person interview, allow them to appear for the interview on Skype, which happens to be a common practice in various industry.
8. Conduct a Thorough Background Verification
It is a must to vet the candidates before you hire them or preset them an offer letter. Skipping a background verification may spell trouble, as one wrong recruitment not only means waste of time and resources, it also means going through the process of ousting the candidate by executing the asked-to-leave or termination policy, which may leave a negative impression on other employees.
9. Protect Your Brand
Continuing with the above point of conducting a proper background verification to avoid any issues at a later stage, it is important that the company protects it brand image by meticulously planning every detail of the talent acquisition process. For example, it’s a must to give proper feedback to the candidates who aren’t selected as they may later badmouth the company’s reputation because of a lack of communication or confusion.
10. Define an On-boarding Process
Having a proper on-boarding process in place is a must, as there have been countless cases wherein the candidates never returned to the office after their first day, as they were unhappy with the onboarding process. Looking at it from the company’s brand image perspective, it is a huge blow to its brand image and reputation in the industry.

Last Few Words

An in-house team of experienced talent acquisition professionals can help you hire the right people for your company, however, if your business is small or if you want to leverage the efficiency of your in-house talent acquisition team, contact one of our recruiting specialists. Delta Dallas has an extensive pool of experienced accounting, financial and administrative professionals, for diverse roles. In addition, we can also help you with your workforce management, workforce analytics and training needs. You can reach us at (972) 788-2300.

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