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3 Top Paying White-collar Jobs in the US

3 Top Paying White-collar Jobs in the US

When the economy is tight and many organizations are implementing salary freeze just to get by, it is encouraging to see the salaries for some white-collar jobs rising sharply. These white-collar job openings are increasing sharply, and as a result, organizations are having a tough time filling vacancies. Recruitment agencies are their last resort to find white collar professionals looking for job openings in Dallas TX and other US states. If you  are keen to know which white collar jobs are the highest paying, ones, keep reading.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive team member responsible for the financial health of the company. The officer is accountable for operational and strategic roles, managing financial risks of the company, record keeping, account management, and establishing a financial strategy for the long-term business growth. A CFO needs to have excellent financial management and analytic skills. Additional knowledge of database technologies and software used in financial analysis and reporting always helps CFO in making effective business decisions.

Software Development Manager

A software development manager besides designing web applications and software, also hires, trains and manages the team. Whether it is finance, medical research or any other industry, there’s a high demand for the white collar professionals. A software development manager also tests and debugs applications, makes updates, and resolves performance issues. The professional needs to work with several departments or clients to understand software requirements, train technical and non-technical users, and prepare a strategy on how the software would help a business achieve its objectives.

Product Manager

A product manager is often called the product ‘CEO’ as the person communicates the product vision from executive leadership to development and implementation teams. The professional analyzes the market and competitive conditions to create a vision for the product that delivers unique value to the customers. The product manager is involved in strategy creation, ideation, and making release related decisions for the product.

White-collar jobs might appear easy, but they require a lot of dedication and willingness to work extra hours. If you are looking for white collar professionals in finance, management, HR, IT, admin, or accounting industry, Delta Dallas has a team of certified recruiters to assist you find the right candidate. Speak with one of our representatives to find out what makes us one of the most trusted employment agencies in Texas. You can reach us at (972) 788-2300.

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