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4 Reasons Technology Can Never Replace Recruitment Consultants

4 Reasons Technology Can Never Replace Recruitment Consultants

Various geniuses of the 21st century, including the likes of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, have projected that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon overtake human intellect. In fact, Tim O’Reilly, a prominent technologist, has even gone to the extent of proposing an algorithm regulation to replace the current model of public services – not only in infrastructure, but also in human services such as recruitment. Although the technological revolution has conquered most facets of human existence, recruitment still demands cerebral expertise. Delving deeper into the subject, this post highlights some of key aspects of recruitment, where technological systems may never replace the role of expert recruiters and employment placement agencies.

1. Selection Dynamism

Does the ability of technology to process information just like the human brain and at similar speeds make technology equivalent to humans? When machine intelligence is used in decision-making, the outcomes are based on set of preconditions fed into the system. Though such intelligence may meet the common definition and purpose of intelligence, the capability of the human brain goes way beyond that. We can choose the criteria and objectives based on our learnings, and form a course of action through shared values and experiences.

2. Interpersonal Assessment

There is no match to human intellect when it comes to managing employee placement. Although technology may help in selecting suitable candidates based on certain quantifiable parameters, it is rendered useless on aspects that are unmeasurable. In fact, finding a candidate for a critical role can be a challenge even for an HR generalist. A specialized recruiter, on the other hand, can assess candidates and establish whether they are a good fit for the company’s culture, and whether they happy with their role, both being beyond the scope of machines.

3. Expectation Handling

Recruitment is not a unilateral process. It involves negotiations at several levels, with the most important negotiation being salary. As salary negotiation is a delicate subject that requires a tactful approach, leaving the job to any technology is certain to spell doom. On the flipside, employment placement agencies with a team of experienced consultants can ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for employer and employee – while the employer gets to rope in a suitable candidate within their budget, the employee gets a paycheck that justifies their caliber.

4. Relationship Building

Recruitment is a two way street that helps build relationships between employers and professionals. Building relationships with candidates helps recruiters in making them think beyond their current employment and see the opportunities in store. Human recruitment consultants not only communicate the future prospects of job openings in detail, but are also free to share the employer’s business model, value proposition, and other attributes that may encourage candidates to consider the role in future, if things don’t work out in the first go.

The Bottom Line

Though it goes without saying that technology can never replace recruiters and employment placement agencies, it is certainly a prerequisite for streamlining recruitment process. If you have been facing a tough time filling open positions, we are here to help. Delta Dallas, in addition to offering a full spectrum of staffing services for various fields, also provides workforce management, workforce analytics, and skills-based training solutions. To learn more about how we can help you overcome your manpower challenges, call us at (972) 788-2300, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

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