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4 Rookie Mistakes that Job Seekers Must Avoid

4 Rookie Mistakes that Job Seekers Must Avoid

Finding that perfect job in Dallas, New York, and any other city can take weeks or even months. After going through several job descriptions, you finally come across one that makes your heart leap with excitement. You satisfy every condition of the hiring manager. Now that you are sure you are a suitable candidate, it is your responsibility to let the employer know it as well. When contacting the hiring manager or job placement agency, make sure to avoid any mistake that can hurt your chances of getting the job. There are several stages where even the most seasoned professionals sometimes make mistakes. We highlight four rookie mistakes that hurt your job prospects, which you must avoid.

1. Aggressively Following-up

The excitement of getting a dream job can turn some people aggressive. They start calling and following up with the hiring manager just to ‘make sure’ they are in the loop with developments regarding the job opening. Though following-up aggressively may show your enthusiasm for the job position, there are chances that it may annoy the placement team and backfire. It is, therefore, important that you keep your excitement in check and give the hiring manager some breathing space. Remember, the hiring team has to go through hundreds of applications and interview dozens of candidates before deciding. Instead of being too aggressive, wait for the timeline the hiring manager has given you, and if not, then wait for at least a week before following up.

2. Not Following up at all

While some aggressively follow up, some job seekers choose to do the complete opposite, not follow up with the hiring manager at all. They do so in the hope of not annoying the placement agency. Even though the intentions are good, doing nothing and waiting for the agency to follow up with you just doesn’t cut it. The placement team scans many profiles and may not remember each and every candidate. Sending a thank-you email to appreciate the interviewer’s efforts can do the trick by setting you apart from other candidates.

3. Using One Platform for your Job Search

In the digital age, job portals and social sites where you can look-up jobs are plenty. Organizations do not use every platform to float job openings, which is why it is imperative that you search everywhere to enhance chances of noting every attractive opportunity. Limiting your job search and application submission to online job portals doesn’t guarantee your mail will reach the right person. You must send a follow-up email to the organization’s HR team or placement agency to ascertain if they have received your application. Do not forget mentioning your job hunt to your friends, family, and neighbors, as it is the oldest and one of the best mediums for job searches.

4. Pushing Newbies for References

References are considered one of the easiest ways to land a job. The moment professionals hear that one of their co-workers got a new gig at a better company, they start asking for job referrals. While it is natural to get tempted and want to start working with a bigger or new company as soon as possible, you must understand that your peer is still settling in the new role and organization. Give them some time and space, as pushing them can be a turnoff, and in any case they are not yet in a position to form a substantive opinion about the new company.

The Bottom Line

There are various rookie mistakes that you must avoid during the job hunt to make sure that you capture as many job offers as possible, your application reaches the hiring manager, and you make the desired impression on the recruitment team. If you are searching for jobs in Dallas, TX, Delta Dallas connects you with the best in areas such as Accounting, Human Resources, and Administration. We are a full service Dallas placement agency with a reputation of connecting the best companies with candidates that possess the desired skills and experience. To land that dream job, submit your resume, or simply dial (972) 788-2300 to get answers to all your questions.

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