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4 Types of Temporary Employments for Seamless Business Operations

4 Types of Temporary Employments for Seamless Business Operations

Regardless of your type of business, there are times when you need extra hands to manage unexpected or temporary work demands. The absence of employees due to leaves, vacations, illness, and other reasons, makes it even more difficult for recruiters to maintain optimal staffing levels, especially when business requirements change. In such times, recruiting permanent employees is not a feasible immediate solution, as the process requires a lot of time. Hiring temporary workers, however, is more apt as it is cost-effective, time-saving, and flexible. There are more than a few types of temporary employment, and some organizations are not well-informed to know the one that will be appropriate for their organization or project. In this blog post, we discuss four types of temporary employees to help you decide on the perfect fit.

1. Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are usually hired for a year or less to fulfill a temporary role in a seasonal or permanent project. Whether your business is in Texas, Austin, or any other place, you can hire temporary employees from temp agencies to fulfil your urgent business requirements.


  • Most organizations hire temporary employees from temp agencies as they have various skilled employees who have already been assessed for the position. This saves the organization’s recruitment time and resources.
  • Hiring temp employees also gives you an opportunity to try the employee out. During that period, the organization can choose to keep them as a permanent employee or let them go.


  • Although temporary employees are flexible and skilled, most of them are inexperienced and need training to some extent just like any other new employee.

2. Contract Workers

Unlike temporary workers, contract workers either work for themselves or a contracting company.


  • Organizations may hire contract workers for the same reasons they hire temporary employees, however, contract workers are usually hired due to their specific skillsets and vast experience in their respective fields.
  • Another reason to hire a contract worker is that you are not liable to pay their taxes, permits, and other benefits that are given to permanent employees.


  • Employers do not have the same amount of control over contract workers as they have on interns, temporary employees, and part-time employees.

3. Part-time Employees

While full-time employees work 40 hours a week, part-time employees dedicate 1-34 hours.


  • Just like temporary employees, part-time employees are flexible. They usually get an hourly wage, thus, saving you on overhead costs.


  • If part-timers have more than one part-time job, their focus could be split, resulting in a lack of productivity, commitment, or consistency in their work.

4. Interns

Internship is yet another type of temporary employment for which fresh graduates or students usually apply. Some courses have internships as part of the curriculum so that students get early work exposure in their respective fields.


  • Hiring interns is a win-win situation as they work for little to no stipends, while getting invaluable exposure to the industry. Interns cost the employer almost nothing in exchange for the much needed help. Internship is also an opportunity for employers to retain exceptionally talented interns and train them as per their requirements.


  • Interns are seen as prospective employees and, therefore, organizations invest their resources in training them. Most of the times, this investment does not give fruitful returns in terms of employing or retaining interns as either they are not efficient enough for the job or they choose to pass the opportunity.

Way Forward

Temporary employment is a great solution to the temporary business staffing requirements. In-house recruitment of temporary employees is a money and time-consuming process for organizations, especially when they have urgent vacancies to fill. This is where you need professional help. Delta Dallas is a leading temp agencies in Dallas Texas that caters to all temporary employment requirements of different organizations. If you need temporary employees for your organization, feel free to get in touch with one of our staffing experts. You can discuss your hiring requirements by filling out our contact form or calling us at (972) 788-2300.

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