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5 Dated Recruiting Mistakes You Should Bid Adieu

5 Dated Recruiting Mistakes You Should Bid Adieu

Over the past few years, recruiting has changed in many ways. Be it the accounting or finance industry, organizations and staffing agencies are fiercely competing to hire high quality candidates in the market. Many companies are choosing better and faster recruitment tools and platforms, like accounting staffing agencies, to win the race to the best talent pool. There is no set recruitment formula, as recruitment requirements change with changing times and organizational paradigms. There are, however, some tactics that you can bid adieu, as they no longer resonate with candidates. This blog discusses five such obsolete tactics and approaches that recruiters must relegate to accommodate modern strategies.

1. Providing No Insight into the Work Environment

Many times, prospective employees visit the ‘Career’ webpage on an organization’s website only to discover information restricted to the job profile. The pages offer little to no information on the work culture or experience in the organization. Good candidates avoid applying to organizations that fail to provide insights into their work environment. Your website is a great marketing tool to attract not just customers, but also prospective professional candidates. Talk about the people in the organization, environment, workplace, and benefits on your ‘Careers’ webpage. Elements such as event pictures, team party videos, and written or video testimonials, give candidates a picture of how their lives will be after joining your organization.

2. Using the Same Interview Process for all Job Profiles

Recruiting candidates for different job profiles using the same interview process is one of the biggest blunders that any recruiter can make. Different job profiles have different requirements thus, should have equally different interview processes. You cannot make someone with at least ten years of job experience go through the same interview process or questions you use for the accounting newbies. Make your interview process flexible enough to adjust per the requirements.

3. Not Considering Previous Applicants

It is important for recruiters to keep a record of previous applicants, as they constitute your talent database. There may be a few that did well in the interview but did not land the job due to different reasons, such as salary issues. Keep in touch with such candidates, ask them to apply in the future, notify and re-engage them through emails and calls when you have new vacancies for the same position in future. Most large organizations have Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which allows you to search for previous applicants who may still be interested in the current job profile. Businesses can count on the services of a reputable staffing agency for a current, well qualified talent database.

4. Lack Personal Touch When Reaching Out to Prospects

There are numerous management and accounting recruiters in Dallas and other places hunting for talented people. Everyday professionals receive emails, instant messages, and cold calls from recruiters. Unless the professionals are looking for new opportunities, they will largely ignore such messages and calls – UNLESS you have something interesting to talk about. Another reason that often leads to such a lack of interest is that the communication often lack details as to why the recruiter is interested in hiring them specifically

5. Having a Slow Decision-Making Process

Every organization wants talented professionals in their workforce. When recruiting for senior accounting positions, slow decision-making processes can see you lose out on many talented professionals. High value candidates in the job market won’t go through with a month-long hiring process. There is a chance that candidates-in-line get disinterested or hired by other organizations along the way. To avoid such situations, organizations need to speed up their interview and decision making processes. To do so, they must keep themselves updated with new technologies or get help from us here at Delta Dallas, Dallas’ renowned staffing agency.

Keep Pace with the Job Market!

Be it accounting or administrative, you need to ensure that you are using up-to-date recruiting practices. If your human resource team is finding it difficult to keep pace with changing trends in the job market, Delta Dallas staffing agency is always here to help. We have a team of experienced accounting recruiters, that can find the best talent in Dallas. To know more about our services or discuss your staffing requirements, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, soon. You can also call us at (972) 788-2300.

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