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5 Essential Considerations for Employers Hiring a Temporary Workforce

5 Essential Considerations for Employers Hiring a Temporary Workforce

Many commercial and industrial establishments, especially the ones experiencing seasonal surges in demand, need to hire a temporary workforce. Some organizations directly hire candidates, whereas others take the assistance of specialized recruiting firms or temporary employment agencies in Dallas or other places. Whether employers seek external help or keep the recruitment in-house, they should be aware of all the laws applicable to temporary or seasonal workers. To help avoid the pitfalls, in this post we discuss five essential consideration for employers hiring a temporary workforce. Take a look.

1. “Temporary Workers” vs. “Employees”

An employer can easily get into legal complications by regarding temporary workers as employees, and therefore, must know the differences between the two. Although a temporary employee may enjoy various benefits provided to permanent employees, such as stock options and work bonuses, they will not be able to enjoy all the benefits, unless specifically mentioned in their contract.

2. Applicability of Labor Laws

All labor laws that apply to employees are also applicable to temporary workers. These include laws concerning workplace safety, health, discrimination, and harassment. Therefore, when planning to hire a temporary or seasonal workforce, make sure you refer to the ‘Employment and Labor Law Guide’ in case there is any doubt.

3. Adherence to Temporary Work Contract

Temporary workers are usually contracted on a project basis. However, some workers are so efficient that the management asks them to do jobs that are beyond the scope of their contracts. Breaching contract terms can be grave mistake, as it may lead to a number of legal hassles that may also include penalties.

4. Employer Obligations

Laws relating to employee treatment, certain benefits, and terms for part-time, temporary, or seasonal employees are covered by both Federal and state laws. It is prudent to learn more about employee rights, benefits they can claim, and other policies, as they may apply in your specific industry and state.

5. Wages, Taxation and Social Security

Hiring a temporary workforce, no matter whether directly or through any of the recruiting firms in Dallas, make them the workers “employees”. Therefore, you are not required to pay benefits, withhold tax, or pay for social security. A temporary workforce, however, is entitled to a minimum wage and overtime benefits.


In addition to the above considerations, you must also look at IRS regulations on part-time and seasonal employees for information on the tax reporting responsibilities and other tax-related details. Whenever you need temporary employees for your organization, feel free to connect with the recruiting experts at Delta Dallas. We are one of the leading staffing agencies in Dallas, with proven expertise in recruiting for diverse positions in IT, engineering, healthcare, finance, HR and various other fields. To learn more about our staffing services, call us at (972) 788-2300 or fill out our contact form.

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