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5 Mistakes That Hinder You from Hiring Top Talent By Micha Radford, CSP

5 Mistakes That Hinder You from Hiring Top Talent By Micha Radford, CSP

It is okay if your hiring process is not glitch-free and you’ve made hiring mistakes. However, if you are not learning from your mistakes or evolving your hiring processes, you will lose out on top talent. There is no magic formula to guarantee 100% success 100% of the time; however, there are some changes that could help you retain the best talent out there.

1. Your job descriptions don’t create interest

You are not the only one whose being picky when it comes to hiring. Candidates are picky as well. They are doing their due diligence on your organization. Top tier candidates are not going to settle for a mediocre employer, they don’t have to. If you are not receiving responses to your job posts, it very well could be because you are not peeking the right people’s interests. Your job descriptions may be too monotonous. Raise interest by creating unique job descriptions that will draw the right candidates attention and speak to their need/wants.

2. You’re too picky

Are you chasing a purple squirrel? If you are, that is a losing battle. Focus less on the “perfect” candidate. Hire for attitude and cultural fit and train for skill. Be realistic. No one is perfect, but they could be perfect for you with a bit of elbow grease and guidance. As a hiring manager, you should want to invest in your employees. You expect your employees to invest in you, do you not? Set realistic expectations for what qualifies a candidate for the job and have some flexibility. It is okay to think outside of the box.

3. Your hiring process takes too LONG!

Candidate complaint #1: companies take too long to make a decision. Time kills deals!

The upper echelon of the candidate pool, top tier talent, isn’t going to wait around forever. They’ll get multiple offers. That is a fact. If your organization wants to stay competitive, you have to be quick on your feet. Grab that talent before your competition does.

4. You’re not tracking the results

Are you tracking your recruiting ROI? If not, then it’s time you started. Tracking your ROI will help you identify the flaws in your hiring process and in turn help you optimize your recruitment spending. Tracking your expenditures doesn’t have to be rocket science. Use a spreadsheet or whatever Applicant Tracking System your company utilizes. Many times your system has more capabilities than what you know. Ask.

5. You’re not open to partnering with staffing agencies

Let someone else do the heavy lifting. Hiring a professional staffing agency can not only help you get the right fit for your company but it could also help you invest your time in things that need more attention. Agencies have their finger on the hiring markets pulse. They know where the top tier candidates are, and what it’s going to take to get them to your organization. Ask for help and listen to the guidance they offer. That is what you pay them for after all…is it not?

If you are looking for a staffing agency to help you hire top talent out there, Delta Dallas has a team of experienced consultants and recruiters to help you find the right candidate. To speak with us, simply call (972)788-2300 or email at info@deltadallas.com.

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