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5 Recruitment Rules to Follow When Hiring Temp Talent

5 Recruitment Rules to Follow When Hiring Temp Talent

The demand for temporary workers is on the rise across the U.S. According to New York Times, the nation’s labor force has more than 2.7 million temporary workers. This number is bound to increase in the future. Hiring temporary workers provides business with the much-needed flexibility to tackle market dynamics, and enables them to scale their capabilities. However, recruiting high-quality temp talent can be difficult given the surplus of people who want a piece of the Gig economy. If your business is looking for temporary employees, here are five recruitment rules to follow.

Draft a Detailed Job Description

Write a job description that provides a clear idea of KRAs and also presents your business in a good light, which allows you to give the candidate an overview of what the expectation is of them at work. If you are thinking of turning this temporary position into a full-time position, mention that in the job description and you will have a better response rate.

Decide What to Look for in Candidates

Even if you are hiring a temp talent, make sure that the person is aligned with your company’s values. Instead of preferring skilled people, choose those who are extremely interested, if not passionate to work for you. This way, you will have a happy workforce that is motivated to contribute to company’s growth.

Check References

Do not skip the reference check, even if you are hiring temp talent. Some candidates might look good on paper, but the reality can be an entirely different story. Doing so should instill confidence that the temporary employee is the right fit for your business. If a reference check looks like a time-consuming process, you can hire a third-party reference check service.

Know the Law

It is essential to know federal and state laws when hiring temporary employees. Have the candidate sign an employment application that will become a legal document. If the candidate shares false information, it should be the grounds for termination. The employee should also present two forms of proper ID within three business days.

Hire a Temporary Employment Agency

Seeking services of temp recruiters in Dallas or other areas can be an easy and quick way of hiring temp talent. Doing so, you will save yourself from the administrative tasks that are a part of the recruitment process. Temporary staffing agencies have an extensive network and a team of experienced professionals to fulfill both the short and long-term temporary hiring needs of clients.

Final Words

Delta Dallas, a full-service staffing agency, can help you find the right talent for a variety of temporary roles. We can connect you with high-quality talent on a contractual basis in the areas of accounting, human resource, administrative and real estate services. Feel free to speak with one of our recruitment consultants to learn more about our hiring process. (972)788-2300 or fill out the contact form to get started.

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