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5 Talent Acquisition Trends You Need To Follow

5 Talent Acquisition Trends You Need To Follow

There are many candidates looking for jobs in different sectors, although it’s often difficult for organizations to find talented candidates to fill vacant positions without the help of top talent acquisition solutions providers. There are various effective trends that are being adopted by most organizations to optimize their talent acquisition solutions. In this blog post, we discuss five talent acquisition trends that you can also adopt to make sure you hire the right candidates for the vacant roles.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system greatly helps to minimize the time and energy expended by recruiters and HR professionals. However, there is debate regarding the effectiveness of ATS as it targets the keywords rather than the skills of the candidates, even though it helps to reduce the talent pool size. Many organizations manage to successfully save their time and resources.

Flexible Working Hours

Organizations need to include certain factors that are designed to attract skilled candidates to fill vacant position. One way to go about it is to introduce a flexible working arrangement and weekends off. Flexible working hours is a great way to attract and retain experienced and qualified applicants with the desired skills that are in short supply.

Online Screening Processes

There are several methods to contact candidates during the hiring process such as social web, e-mails, LinkedIn, and phone calls. However, the most professional way to contact candidates is through e-mails and phone calls. Generate personalized and automated emails to promote a positive candidate response.

Remote Work Options

Remote working options provide you with a platform to draw the attention of potential candidates towards your business. However, it doesn’t work for all the positions in your company, as it is meant to attract and retain desired talent that is in short supply on the job market. It cuts down the cost of resources in the long run and reduces overheads and stress on employer.

Third-party Recruitments

When organizations are unable to find suitable candidates, they should make use of talent acquisition teams, talent acquisition consultants, talent acquisition recruiters, or any reputable talent acquisition services provider to reach out and recruit the best candidates to fill available positions.

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