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5 Tips to use LinkedIn Effectively for a Job Search

5 Tips to use LinkedIn Effectively for a Job Search

Over the years, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most important social networks for professionals. The social networking site is an important marketplace for candidates and recruiters alike. If you are looking for a job, creating an interactive LinkedIn profile helps you get one step closer to realising your dream of working for your preferred organisation. According to an estimate, almost 94 percent recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates. Further, creating a profile on LinkedIn can help increase job views substantially, as compared to other social networking sites such as Facebook, and Twitter. When scanning profiles online, employment placement agencies look for crisp descriptions and relevant info that helps them identify the best candidate for a job opening. To help create impact on recruiters, this post lists some tips to using LinkedIn effectively when job hunting. Take a look.

1. Create a Crisp Headline and Summary

Your headline and summary are the first things employment agencies in Dallas, TX or any other part of the U.S. notice. Make sure the character length for your headline does not exceed 120 characters. For better search results the headline must include relevant industry keywords. The summary must include a brief description about your accomplishments and skills. Avoid keyword stuffing. For effective communication, write in first person. Most importantly, avoid using the entire space as recruiters do not have time to go through lengthy profiles.

2. Find and use Connections

Employee referrals have become an effective way of recruiting. Your chances of securing a job increases drastically if an employee of the organization you are applying to refers you. Search and connect with employees whose companies have job openings. Look for and connect with individuals from your alma mater. LinkedIn has a default template for users who request referrals. You can customize this template to communicate with hiring managers. Further, to stay updated about industry developments and job openings, follow companies and join business groups.

3. Use the Job Search Options

LinkedIn allows candidates to search jobs by country, zip code, and keywords. To get more relevant results, use appropriate filters such as salary, seniority and company size. If you do not have relevant job suggestions, look for related jobs. You can also use advanced filters to sort job postings by date and eliminate irrelevant or older postings.

4. Make Your Profile More Interactive and Interesting

Simply listing employment history and job responsibilities will do little to create interest. To stand out, you must use your creativity and create an interesting and interactive profile. Post video presentations, articles and blogs you have written on Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Post relevant updates related to industry developments. You can also share your photos at work or attending a seminar.

5. Upgrade to the Paid Version

Paid LinkedIn users get exclusive benefits that are unavailable for free members. You can, for instance, view details of anyone who visits your profile. LinkedIn also moves your email correspondence to a recruiter’s mailbox who recently advertised an opening. Further, paid users can also email anyone on the LinkedIn network, irrespective of whether they are in their contact list.

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With almost 500 million users, LinkedIn, undoubtedly is one of the most effective hiring platforms for employment agencies in Texas and other parts of the U.S. Creating and maintaining an effective LinkedIn account will help stand out, and enable you get noticed. When looking for a job, you can also benefit by hiring the services of an employment placement agency that can suggest relevant openings. Delta Dallas is a premier, full-service employment placement agency in Dallas which strives to provide a platform for recruiters and candidates to come together. We serve companies from different industries and can help you take steps in the right direction when looking for a job. To learn more about us, fill out our contact form or call at (972) 788-2300.

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