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5 Warning Signs an Employee May Be About To Quit

5 Warning Signs an Employee May Be About To Quit

Recruiters put a lot of effort, time, and money to hire employees for their organizations. From head hunting to even availing the services of staffing agencies, recruiters go all out to ensure they acquire best talent for their organizations. When employees come onboard, they are made to feel comfortable and given the requisite amenities, job-specific training, and growth opportunities in the hope of a long-term mutually-beneficial association. After putting immense efforts to hire and retain an employee, you still cannot predict when they may leave. An employee leaving is surely disappointing but you need to make sure their sudden resignation doesn’t create a void. You need to be in a position to identify early signs that they are about to quit. If your organization is in Texas, Delta Dallas’ Dallas employment services can help through expert tips and even find the best talent to fill any voids created by such departures. To give you a heads-up, we list a few signs that indicate an employee is about to jump ship. Read on.

1. Having a Laid-back Work Attitude

A sudden lack of enthusiasm or laid-back attitude towards work is a clear sign that an employee is considering other options. They could also start missing project deadlines, compromising work quality, or being disinterested in any work-related activity. If such behavior is occasional or situational, then it can be ignored, but if it becomes the norm, it’s a matter of concern.

2. Taking Frequent Leaves

If a regular employee begins to ask for frequent leaves, it could either mean that they are losing interest in their job or looking for greener pastures. A sudden absence from the office without informing immediate seniors or colleagues is also a sign that they may be planning to leave. If your employees begin exhibiting such behavior out of the blue, prepare for the inevitable by raising a requirement with a reputable job recruitment agency or activating your hiring process.

3. Being Distant with Colleagues

An employee who is contemplating resignation starts acting distant in the relations with team members and other colleagues. They will communicate less with their seniors, team members, and other colleagues in the office. Such behavior is due to the fact that they don’t want to risk being put on the spot or questioned on sensitive topics that could jeopardize their job, especially when they are not yet ready to move.

4. Rejecting Growth Opportunities

Employees willing to grow in the organization will go out of their way to prove themselves. They will never say no to additional work and will always deliver on time, without compromising on the quality of their work. If you notice an employee evading growth opportunities or getting uncomfortable discussing long-term projects and deadlines, they are getting ready to jump ship.

5. Sudden Formal Dress Up

It is rather strange to see a person all dressed up in formal attire when you’re used to seeing them in casual outfits. Though they may try to pass it off as nothing special, such a sudden change usually foreshadows their resignation. They will most likely be attending interviews in search for greener pastures.

Back Up Plan

When hiring, recruiters cannot predict how long employees will stay with the organization. Once an employee has made up their mind to leave, you can do a little to persuade them to stay. You can, however, know the reason behind the decision, and if it is related to the organization, take the necessary steps to address the issue. In addition, recruiters must also take immediate action to fill empty position without compromising on the caliber of talent acquired. Delta Dallas, one of the top job placement agencies in Dallas, Texas, provides superior staffing solutions for accounting, administration, human resources, and client relations profiles. We’re one of the leading full-time and temp staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas . To learn more about our Dallas employment services or discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form, or call our team at (972) 788-2300.

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