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6 Situations When Hiring Temporary Accounting Staff Can Help

6 Situations When Hiring Temporary Accounting Staff Can Help

Accounting is one of the most important functions of any business organization. Seasonal rushes or business migration often bring additional work for accounting teams. To maintain morale and productivity, organizations need temporary staff to help manage work flows during peak business months. Delta Dallas is a premier accounting staffing agency in Dallas offering a range of staffing services. We specialize in hiring permanent and temporary employees and can help you find the best match for your needs. In this post, we look at 6 situations wherein hiring temp accounting staff is a necessity. Take a look.

1. Migrating to a New System

Migrating from a legacy system to an ERP system can help save time in the long run. However, during the migration process, your accounting staff may be required to perform tasks related to implementation that divert them away from their primary responsibilities. Hiring experienced temp staff can help during system migrations, as they can handle certain tasks such as payroll processing, which will help your team focus on migration tasks.

2. Working on Specialized Projects

Specialized projects may demand the application of specific knowledge that permanent staff often lack. For example, moving the business to an overseas location or opening a new overseas unit may result in tax implications that may be difficult to understand for your team. Delta Dallas accounting recruiters are here to help you land the best talent on time. Our experts have extensive experience and industry networks to help you hire candidates with the desired experience in the verticals in which you need assistance.

3. Setting up a new Business Unit

Setting up a new business will result in additional responsibilities for your permanent team (at least for the few initial months when the BU has limited staff). The team would be expected to set accounting and control procedures for the new unit and will have to divide their time and attention between performing these additional responsibilities and managing the regular workflow. Temporary staff can pitch in with their expertise to share the workload and help set up business functions within expected timelines.

4. Planning Annual Audits

Planning and performing a detailed audit can be a time consuming task. Your accounting staff will need to take various steps such as reconciling balance sheet accounts, organizing different income and expense records and related bills, and reviewing the ongoing journal ledger account. When preparing for an audit in the absence of extra help, they may have to limit the scope of important tasks such as analyzing metrics and risk reports. Temp professionals can share the work burden with your permanent team and can provide support by retrieving important info the auditor requires. Experts can also help identify system bottlenecks and provide suggestions on how to address issues.

5. Planning and Performing Annual Budgets

Apart from helping your team prepare for budgeting activities, experienced temp staff can also help identify errors and omissions missed by permanent workers due to unintentional oversight. Suggestions provided by temp staff can help you rectify errors and better existing processes, resulting in savings on costs and time.

6. Performing Month-end and Yearly Closings

Accounting staff are burdened with additional workloads during month-end and yearly closings. They need to create additional reports related to cash collections and payments, payroll processing, inventory purchase, and property accounting. Temp staff perform different tasks such as reviewing documents related to daily operational transactions and revenue. These professionals can also help reconcile balance sheets and ledgers to share your team’s work burden.

Summing up

Hiring temp staff is one of the most effective ways to cut costs associated with temporary requirements for skilled staff, and also helps boost employee morale. An experienced accounting staffing agency can help identify and recruit the best talent with the desired skills. Delta Dallas is a leading team of accounting recruiters in Dallas. We have more than three decades of experience in helping organizations hire the best permanent and temp staff. To learn more about our services, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 788-2300.

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