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7 Key Aspects of Talent Acquisition You Can’t Afford to Ignore

7 Key Aspects of Talent Acquisition You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Recruitment processes consume a lot of time and money, forcing organizations and job recruitment agencies to keep looking for different ways to improve them. To improve your recruitment process, you need to know areas to work on, which can only be discovered by measuring its effectiveness on certain parameters. Taking every parameter or metric into consideration is not necessary. Different organizations have different hiring processes and hiring objectives. However, there are a few key aspects that can help any business improve their hiring process. In this blog post, we discuss seven key aspects of talent acquisition that you must carefully note- in order to improve your recruitment process.

Recruitment Source

Recruiters usually use multiple sources find candidates, including the usual suspects like Linkedin and a plethora job posting sites. It is essential to keep track of the sources so that you can devote your time to the best channels. For each source, keep a track of aspects, like the number of applicants, number of qualified applications, where the candidates first heard about the position, and the number of shortlisted applicants. Keep your eye on this metric to save money and time in the long run. If a channel is not garnering enough applicants or qualified candidates, you should stop using it and invest your time and money in other effective sources. Tracking the metric also helps you pay more attention to sources that offer higher than expected ratios of qualified candidates.

Hiring Time

Another metric to consider to improve your recruitment process is the number of days a position stays open – from the time you advertise the job requirement until an employee gets on board. This specific metric helps you learn the efficiency of your hiring process. Organizations with a strong talent acquisition process have low time-to-hire. BUT, it may take longer to find the right candidate in a few exceptional cases, especially when the market is short of candidates with a particular skill-set. Compare the hiring time across different job profiles and work to reduce it.  Simple but not easy.

Hiring Expense

It’s important to stay within budget, so, you should track the costs involved in the hiring process. The total expenditure to fill a particular position may include variables such as recruiter salaries, advertising costs, external recruiter fees, hiring technology, and travel. Tracking your money helps you set realistic recruitment plans and strategies, and plan your budget accordingly.

Applicant Conversion

Your website is a great marketing tool not just to attract customers but also job candidates. There are usually many visitors to ‘Career’ webpages but very few fill out the job application forms. To convert your ‘Career’ webpage visitors into job applicants, use web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, ATS, and CRM. These tools track the number of the website visitors on your web page, monitor the web page visitor behavior, find low-converting keywords, and other similar web metrics. These web analytics tools helps you improve your web page performance. It also allows you to monitor and calculate the the application completion time and improve your online application form. An online job application form  that takes more than five minutes can lead to a low applicant conversion rate.  Make it easy to talk to you.

Job Acceptance Rate

It’s always unfortunate when candidates reject your job offers. The reason behind such rejections may not necessarily have anything to do with you, however, monitoring the job acceptance rate can help you pick and analyze any faults at your end. Eliminate hiring faults or errors such as lengthy hiring process, unpleasant interview experience, communication failure, and misunderstandings with candidates, to ensure candidates say ‘yes’ to your job offers.

Hiring Process Feedback

Capturing feedback is one of the best ways to improve your hiring process, and it provides information instantly and directly- without having to study numbers or patterns. Quick feedback from candidates that appear for interviews, will help you improve your recruitment process. Prepare a feedback questionnaire and ask candidates to fill it out after they have appeared for interviews. Many candidates share their experiences, thoughts, or post-interview feedback on online platforms such as Glassdoor, especially if the interview didn’t go well. Before it gets to that point, ask candidates to complete the questionnaire as part of your process.

No Call, No Show

It’s an ineffective business practice to hire a potential ideal candidate, only to discover on the date of hire they are no longer interested in working for your organization. Candidates often won’t even inform you of their change of heart or simply ignore your calls. Cold feet by a candidate after you close a position and stop the recruitment process, sends all the invested time, effort, and money down the drain. Be aware of variables such as the number of such outcomes, reasons for the retreat, and source of such candidates. If the reason behind such instances concern you, try to eliminate the concerned source or work to improve the situation.

Move to Data-driven Hiring

Organizations, staffing agencies, and job recruitment agencies in Texas and other states are always looking for different ways to improve their hiring processes. Metrics listed in this  blog post will help your organization become better with your recruitment efficiency. The ultimate goal of a recruitment process is to acquire talent in your organization. Besides these listed aspects, you can get help from staffing agencies to help you recruit talent for your organization. Delta Dallas Staffing is one of the leading Dallas, Texas staffing agencies that caters to all your hiring requirements. To know about our staffing services, fill out our contact form and one of our representative will get in touch with you, shortly. You can also call us at (972) 788-2300.

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