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Applicant Tracking System: A Prerequisite to Streamline Recruitment Process

Applicant Tracking System: A Prerequisite to Streamline Recruitment Process

Most HR managers and recruiters face two common challenges while recruiting from a large database of candidates. First, there is always a probability of losing potential candidate due to a large number of applicants in the pipeline. In the absence of a tracking system, recruiters find it difficult to keep a track of applicants and their progress in the recruitment process. Second, there is always a high probability that candidates who have been rejected, apply for recruitment before the cooling period as defined by the company. To reduce paperwork and avoid confusion, organizations need a system that can help them keep a record of applicants; in short, an applicant tracking system or ATS.

What is ATS?

Applicant tracking systems, also called candidate management systems, are software suites that help HR professionals perform various functions such as post jobs on different websites, schedule interviews and generate requests via e-mail, track individual applicants, and generate resume rankings. Applicant tracking systems have emerged as an effective tool for HR professionals and are used in almost all large organizations and roughly 50 percent of mid-size companies, globally.

Benefits of Implementing an ATS

Automate the Recruitment Process

Applicant tracking systems can help your managers make better use of their time as they don’t need to focus on tracking candidate profiles and are free to concentrate on more constructive activities such as formulating employee policies.

Analyze and Coordinate

ATS helps your managers draw information from different sources as well as alerts internal employees on vacant positions and is an effective way to coordinate the organization’s recruitment process. Moreover, managers can store and use the system-generated data to meet their future recruitment needs.

Ensure Transparency and Accuracy in Candidate Database

ATS serves as a central database for your organization’s recruitment process. The use of the system offers uniformity as all the managers refer to the same data, and there are no chances of confusion or errors.

Access a Wide Pool of Talent

ATS allows your managers to post job openings across job boards. Moreover, they can also keep a track on the people who follow their updates, thereby making it easier for them to get in touch with the right talent when a position goes vacant.

Document Applicant Information

ATS captures relevant applicant information including their past work experience and their detailed contract information. The feature helps in preparing reports and is especially helpful for companies who have federal contracts and need to follow compliance norms.

Available Options

Providers offer different choices to organizations that opt for ATS software. Some of the most popular ones are

Cloud ATS

Organizations that opt for cloud ATS solutions don’t need to maintain servers or other infrastructures and are given remote access by their provider to maintain and manage their ATS. The use of cloud ATS systems offers many benefits such as comprehensive support, instant and timely upgrades, and low operation costs. These advantages simplify the decision-making process for your managers and promote efficiency at various levels.

Legacy ATS

Organizations that opt for legacy ATS need to license the setup from their provider. The use of a legacy ATS promises better security as the data will be available only to authorized personnel from within your organization.

Open Source ATS

Open source ATS can be easily downloaded and offers many advantages to their users such as free upgrades and round the clock and effective support. One of the major downsides of these systems is the need to maintain a fully trained IT team that specializes in offering support services related to these systems.

Proprietary ATS

Ease of customization is the most important benefit available to organizations that use a proprietary ATS; however, this benefit may come at a cost as you would need an in-house need an in-house team of developers and support professionals.


Applicant Tracking Systems are in high demand among corporates due to the various advantages of using them. You too can opt for a tailor made or a customized solution to streamline your recruitment process. Using an ATS system can also help you realize significant savings in the long, run as your managers would no longer need to maintain lengthy paperwork. In addition to using an ATS, you may also need to hire a reputable and experienced recruitment agency such as Delta Dallas. We’re a staffing agency based out of Dallas and manage clients from different verticals such as IT, Accounting, HR, and Finance. To discuss your recruitment needs, give us a call at (972) 788-2300 or fill our contact form and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

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