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Effective Ways for Millennial to Stand out when Job Hunting

Effective Ways for Millennial to Stand out when Job Hunting

Millennials are fast becoming the flavor of the job market due to their ability and willingness to adapt and learn, and tech savviness. According to a study conducted by MRI Network, a recruitment organisation, millennials will comprise 20 percent of the global workforce by 2020. If you are a millennial looking for a job or about to graduate, this should be music to your ears. With close to 90 million millennials in the U.S. alone, the competition is a bit stiff. To get noticed, it is important for you to stand out from the crowd. To help, this post suggests some tips that can help you shine in the job market. Take a look.

1. Respond Early to job Openings

Temp agencies in Dallas, TX and other parts of the county look for serious applicants. To assure the recruiter that you are genuinely interested, respond early to job openings. Last minute applications do not impress recruiters and can project the candidate as an irresponsible and nonchalant professional, which does little to boost their chances of getting screened. If you forget application deadlines, consider subscribing to job alerts.

2. Ensure Your Resume is Free of Grammatical and Spelling Errors

According to a study, almost 60 percent recruiters reject resumes due to grammatical or spelling errors. These errors apart from painting a negative picture about the candidate also raise a question mark on their language skills. Knowing grammar rules apart from projecting you as a candidate with a firm grip over the language can also help climb corporate ladder quickly, especially if one of your job responsibilities is to communicate with the business stakeholders.

3. Send a Post Interview Follow Up E-Mail and Thank you Note

To express your gratitude towards the recruiter for sparing their time to interview you, send a post interview follow-up mail. You can also mail a thank you note to the interviewer. To add personal touch to your communications, prefer sending a handwritten card that shows your considerate nature and ingenuity, a quality that is highly appreciated by recruiters. Given the fact that most candidates will rely on email communications, sending a handwritten card will help you stand out of the crowd.

4. Manage Your Social media Accounts

Over the last decade or so, social media has become an effective recruiting tool for recruiters. According to a report, 60 percent recruiters use social media to screen job candidates. To ensure the candidate is the right fit for the role, recruiters follow their tweets, check their recent and past profile updates, and pics they post. 43 percent recruiters, on an average reject candidates because they found inappropriate content on the applicant’s profile. A recruiter who finds any signs of irresponsible behavior such as pics of the candidate in an inebriated state or rash driving is less likely to process their profile. To avoid sending the wrong message to your recruiter, you must manage your social media accounts. Post meaningful stuff and profile updates related to industry developments. Avoid posting pics that show reckless behavior. If you want to post such pics, use strong privacy settings.

5. Take Rejection in Stride

Do not consider rejection as a negative experience or personal failure. Instead take every rejection in your stride, and evaluate what went wrong. Make a list of your weaknesses and the skills you need to work upon. Most importantly, do not hesitate from asking for help and request your peers, family members and friends about the qualities they think you must develop to become a better professional.
Be a Go-getter!

With companies looking for fresh and young blood, being a millennial can work in your favor when job hunting. Following these tips can help boost your chances of getting through the initial screening. You can also benefit from hiring the services of an employment agency that can guide you through the various stages of applying for a job. Delta Dallas is a full-service staffing agency in Dallas that has helped professionals from different industries climb up the corporate ladder. For us client satisfaction precedes everything else, a commitment which reflects in our transparent pricing and other policies. To learn more about our services, fill out our contact form or call at (972) 788-2300.

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