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Factors that Influence the Fortunes of your Hiring Initiatives

Factors that Influence the Fortunes of your Hiring Initiatives

Today, there’s no dearth of talent for organizations looking to recruit. Finding highly talented and skilled professionals is easy, but there is always a lingering question on whether they have the will to succeed and add value to the organization. Hiring candidates with specific skill sets may solve an immediate problem for your organization, but the decision may come back to haunt you when there is a decline in your manpower needs. Despite the abundance of talent and talent acquisition solutions on the market, companies still face challenges when creating winning teams, especially when it comes to hiring highly specialized employees. To help optimize your human resource management strategy, this post highlights a few key aspects that should influence your hiring decisions.


It is essential for companies to hire employees that can adapt to different roles as and when required. Adaptability of an employee not only impacts their personal growth but augurs well for organizations’ long-term planning. This is why there’s no bigger prize than a motivated employee willing to acquire new skills. Training a generalist who can perform multiple tasks and train others not only adds a new dimension to their role in the organization, but also benefits the company in the form of an added resource. In such instances, special attention needs to be given to the non-compete clause and the cost of training.

Nature of Vacancy

Skills are without a doubt, the principal attribute that attract recruiters to a candidate. Organizations tend to gravitate towards specialized talent in cases where the requirement is urgent and meant for a competitive/sensitive field.  If the need is not immediate, highly motivated talent is the best way to go. For requirements that are immediate but not necessarily for a competitive or sensitive field, a consulting/short-term/temporary solution may be preferable.

Employees Average Tenure

Expected tenure in an organization is one of the strongest driving force for candidates. Don’t make the mistake of presuming that a candidate with a specialized skill set will just “stay put” in your organization even if there are limited opportunities in the market. Individuals with specialized skills generally have a proven track record, which accounts for the sometimes above-average interest from competitors. As for generalists, the very nature of their job gives them the skills necessary to perform at a higher level. They may seek growth elsewhere if not given due consideration for promotion. You should, therefore always make sure that you meet the applicant’s needs with regards to tenure.

Growth Prospects

The presence of growth prospects is what drives most professionals to join organizations, irrespective of their skill and will. Unless you define what all aspirants can achieve in their fields of work while working with your company, they may not have a clear idea about their future with your organization. Employees like to know where they stand in the hierarchical structure of the organization and the level to which they can grow. While an executive will be attracted to a job openings that have wide growth opportunities, senior level professionals need to know where they stand on the hierarchy before making up their minds on whether to join the company.

The Way Forward

Human resource professionals have to make choices between skilled and driven applicants and create the necessary conditions to attract, recruit, and retain deserving employees that add value to the organization. Many companies fail to establish whether they want to pick candidates for their skill sets or motivation, leading to wrong hiring decisions and results. If you need any help pertaining to finding the right talent, Delta Dallas has you covered. We are one of the leading recruiting companies in Dallas and incorporate the best and latest talent acquisition solutions to help you get the desired professionals on board. To learn more about our recruitment services, call us at (972) 788-2300, or fill out the contact form, for a prompt response.

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