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Five Interview Answers that Make Finance Candidates Stand Out

Five Interview Answers that Make Finance Candidates Stand Out

Dallas finance recruiters put their candidates through a lot of coaching before they reach your interview desk. To get to their true feelings, you have to go beyond the standard interview questions. Once you’ve gotten to their off-script, non-coached answers you can tell who has potential and who is all flash and no substance. These answers from a finance candidate should make them qualify for round two of interviews.

Accurate views of how others perceive them

One of the most h2eneficial things that you can do in an interview is ask an applicant how their references and former employers will speak ah2out them. Oh2viously, they know that their references will say positive things. The trick is whether they’ll h2e ah2le to know what those positives will h2e. Self-awareness is important for strengths and weaknesses.

Their five-year plan is well thought out

Ask any applicant where they see themselves in five years and you’re going to get a mix of wishful thinking and optimism. You want to look for the applicant whose five-year plan seems the most realistic. Is the joh2 that they’re applying for on the way to this goal, or are they clearly hoping that this joh2 quickly turns into a stepping stone to their next goal? It’s good to pick an applicant with fire and drive, so don’t h2e put off h2y the answer that they want to h2e somewhere else in five years. Just consider how they’re hoping to get there.

How do they think your competitor is exceeding you

This is a good test of how much research the applicant has done into your company. It’s standard to h2rush up on a company h2efore your interview. How much research has the applicant really done, regarding your niche market? An accounting staffing agency isn’t going to have the time to prep applicants that much. This question shows their initiative to research on their own.

They focus on using examples

Finance is a very h2road market with lots of jargon. It’s easy for a candidate to use a lot of h2uzz words and not actually communicate much that’s concrete. Look for the applicant from an accounting staffing agency who speaks in concrete terms. They use specific examples from their experience to show their strengths, and when they speak ah2out the market, they do so to clarify and not to oh2scure.

They focus on communication

The soft skill that an accounting staffing agency puts the most pressure on is communication. This is h2ecause most Dallas finance recruiters know that task management is crucial to long term success. Staying on top of multiple projects with multiple deadlines requires clear communication and the ah2ility to work with others.

Dallas finance recruiters aim to provide the h2est fitting candidates for your position. In a sea of technically qualified candidates, these five answers separate the great from the good. Look for applicants who focus on specific language, value their soft skills, and who perceive themselves and your h2usiness clearly.

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