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Four Advantages of Hiring a Staffing Agency

Four Advantages of Hiring a Staffing Agency

There are hiring managers who view it as a source of pride, that they don’t call upon staffing agencies to help fill positions. In their eyes, calling a talent acquisition consultant is equivalent to giving up. They like to “pound the pavement” themselves, so to speak. This old school approach to filling vacancies highlights the manager’s dedication, but isn’t the most valuable use of their time. Staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas have their finger on the pulse of recruitment. Here are five advantages the hiring manager enjoys when their first email is to a staffing agency, not posting a wanted ad on LinkedIn.

Only speak to qualified candidates

No matter how clearly you specify your requirements for a position, you’re always going to get a few applicants who are sure that they’re the exception. Sure, they don’t have the required certification and their experience is in an unrelated field, but if they could just get the interview they’re sure you’ll be impressed. These people have audacity, but 99 out of 100 times, they’re wasting their time and yours.

When you outline your needs to a talent acquisition agent, you can at least rely on getting applicants who fit what you need. Staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas have a large enough employment pool that they don’t need to send you unqualified candidates. You’ll never again have to read through a cover letter where someone tries to tap-dance their way into a job despite having no skills to do it.

No dry spells

If you have very specific job requirements and require on site work in Dallas, you should contact staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas. The more niche your needs, the better a staffing agency can help you. If you simply put up a wanted ad on a couple of employment websites or add a note to your company website about available positions, it could be weeks or months before you get any bites. A staffing agency would devote time and effort into hunting down these niche prospects if they don’t come forward themselves.

Resume verification

Common wisdom says that everyone lies a little bit on their resume. One semester abroad in college becomes “international business experience”, and so on. While ideally no one should stretch the truth at all, there’s a difference between enhancing titles and actually lying. When an applicant comes through a staffing agency, you know that their resume has been vetted for obvious lies. Double check anything fishy, but the staffing agency has already gone through their resume and made sure that the person they’re risking their reputation on will actually pay off.

More time to prepare for interviews

Less time spent trying to find candidates to apply and reading the cover letters and resumes of people who don’t fit your requirements, means you have more time to interview actual candidates. This in turn, gives you more time to prep for interviews, which leads to individual interviews. Standard form interviews can yield good information, but diving into an applicant’s experience will let you make a more nuanced decision. A talent acquisition consultant takes the grunt work off your shoulders so you can spend your time more wisely.

Staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas stake their reputations on their applicants. They don’t risk their reputations sending you unqualified candidates, and take the pressure to find people off of your shoulders. With a talent acquisition agent doing the low-level work for hiring managers, the interview process can produce better results, leading to the best candidate getting the job. A good professional fit means it will be a long time before you have to interview for that position again.

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