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Full-time vs. Contract Hiring: Choosing the Right Option

Full-time vs. Contract Hiring: Choosing the Right Option

Every business must optimally utilize its manpower to remain competitive and profitable. There should neither be a shortage nor surplus of human resources. Deciding the number of people a company needs, however, can be a complex task. That’s because the ideal figure depends on numerous factors, such as seasonal demands, industry changes, and cash inflow, among others, which explains why many businesses turn to contract-based recruitments; albeit, both fulltime and contract hiring have their pros and cons. To help you choose the right way ahead, this blog post draws some of the major differences between these two recruitment options. Take a look.

Cost to Company

The cost-to-company of a full-time employee is usually less compared to an independent contractor of a similar profile. Full time employees, however, have job security and consistency that make up for the monetary sacrifice. If you have a short-term requirement, it is advisable to hire a contractual employee.


Having full-time employees, to a large extent, allows businesses to accommodate any increase in demand without having to worry about finding new contractors, if the existing work partners do not have the bandwidth to address the need. Even if a contractor is available and equipped, they may charge extra for their services.


If a contractual employee doesn’t meet your expectations the first time, you simply don’t re-hire them. On the other hand, when you have an employee who is constantly unable to meet your expectations, you may have to let them go, which also has its share of implications.


Business owners can rely on senior full-time employees for managerial tasks, and be rest assured that things will be taken care of, even when they are away. There is no such reliability when it comes to contractual employees who can never take charge of an organization’s internal affairs.


The biggest problem of depending on a contractual employee is that they might be hired by a different employer once they finish a project with you. As a result, you might have to look for other employees to carry on your business.


They say a company is only as good as the people it keeps. Hiring full-time employees allow organizations to build a committed workforce that is willing to travel the extra mile, whenever required. Contractors, on the other hand, work under their brand, and therefore, you cannot expect the same level of loyalty from them, for your business.

Salary and Benefits

Full-time employees require timely salary, whether or not their company is earning profits. They also expect various benefits, such as healthcare, vacation time, and other perks from their employer. Contractors do not have any such expectations. They simply charge on a per-hour basis or as quantifiable by their nature of work.

Training and Skills

Businesses hiring full-time employees are responsible for their training and development. Hiring a contractor, on the other hand, does not oblige a business to train them. On the downside, when you hire a contractor, it is usually difficult to find the level of competence you may expect from comprehensively trained full-time employees.


All in all, while full-time employees are committed to their company for a longer term, contractual employees offer greater flexibility and do not demand benefits such as Medicare and Social Security. As both the employment options have certain pros and cons, businesses need to first analyze their requirements to make the right decision. Should you need expert assistance to decide which of the options is better for your business, feel free to connect with one of our experts. We are one of the leading staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas, with years of experience in sourcing both full-time and contractual employees, for different roles.

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