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How to Answer the Question- “Why Should We Hire You?”

How to Answer the Question- “Why Should We Hire You?”

“Why should we hire you?” This is a common question human resources recruiters ask interview candidates. Human resource staffing professionals ask the question to learn everything about the candidate, such as their past contributions, accomplishments, and other qualities that can make them a valuable resource for the organization. Though there is no set format to answer this question, this post discusses some of the ways you can make an impact on the interviewer when answering the question. Read on.

1. Focus on Providing Solutions to Problems the Company is Facing

If you know the company is struggling in a particular area in which you have relevant experience, come up with solutions to address the issue at hand. For example, if you know the organization is trying to sell products in a new segment without much success, and you have experience in the industry, suggest solutions to tackle the problem. You can also discuss how you can leverage your contacts to help the company achieve its goals. Talk about solutions or processes you suggested in previous organizations that helped employees save time.

2. Talk About the Extras you Bring to the Table

Talk about incidents when you helped co-workers solve problems. Mention any processes that you mastered in past organizations and was the go-to person for anyone facing problems working on the process. Give examples, wherever applicable, to back your statements. Emphasizing anything special that you bring to the table establishes you as a valuable resource, enhancing your chances of bagging the job.

3. Go Beyond Just Listing Your Qualifications

Bringing your qualifications to the interviewer’s notice is a great way to stand out from other candidates, especially if you know that few candidates in your geographic location have the necessary certifications. Discuss how you implemented the knowledge to help better your last organization’s processes. Avoid comparing yourself with other candidates, and rather than discuss where they lack, stress on your USPs.

4. Avoid Overemphasizing Your Achievements

Though discussing your qualifications, skills, and contributions in previous organizations establishes you as a prized resource, overemphasis can project you as a pushy candidate. Avoid interrupting the interviewer and listen to what they have to say. To keep the conversation short and crisp, structure it in a bullet point format, if possible. Most importantly, always be truthful.

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Appropriately answering the question – “why should we hire you?” establishes you as a valuable resource. Center your answers around the lines discussed in the blog to create a positive impact and impression on the interviewer. To land your dream job, you also need to avail the services of an experienced human resource recruiter, specializing in different types of recruitment. Delta Dallas is a team of qualified and experienced human resources recruiters that serves organizations from diverse backgrounds and industries. To learn more about our Dallas employment services, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 788-2300.

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