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How to Find Great Permanent Staff Through Temp Agencies

How to Find Great Permanent Staff Through Temp Agencies

Filling permanent positions in your company is a long process. When you have niche requirements, it makes more sense to fill the position with a temporary worker, or temp for short, than to jump at the first applicant who turns in their resume. When you hire a temp to perm, you get a chance to “test drive” someone’s commitments and work before you take them on full time. If they’re not what you’re looking for, you can try again. Meanwhile, that job is still being done; there’s no shuffling of work as people try to compensate for that position being empty. Here’s how to get the best results when hiring temp to perm.

Ask your temp agency

The first step to finding your new temp to perm employee is letting the temp agencies in Dallas TX know that you’re looking for a temp to perm position. Some temp employees enjoy job hopping. They’re getting more experience and deciding what they’d like in a long term position, or maybe they just like the flexibility. Telling your temp agency that you’d like to make it a permanent hire will allow them to send you the candidates with the best fit. This saves you a lot of time.

Reward learning

It may not be possible for staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas to send you the perfect fit. You may have to make your own perfect worker by enhancing the knowledge of a temp. You can increase a temp’s willingness to learn by rewarding that learning. Just giving a temp worker support and praise for stepping out of what they know how to do shows them that they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

Discuss the possibility of raises

Turning a temp job into a permanent job isn’t all about the money, but few people have the luxury to choose their job based solely on how much they like their coworkers. If you’re strongly considering offering a temp employee a full time position it’s time to talk to your company. Find out what the pay of the position can command. Even if you can’t offer a temp worker a raise to stay on, find out if raises will be in the cards in the coming months or years. If your company is still open to providing raises based on yearly performance, for example, you can use that to show that there are opportunities for growth with your company.

Focus on reasons besides salary to stay on

Of course, money isn’t everything. If you don’t have a lot of financial incentives to stay on, don’t give up hope. Temp agencies in Dallas, TX don’t provide benefits to candidates, and most temp jobs don’t provide them either. A full time, permanent job often does. Besides benefits, you can offer opportunities for advancement that staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas don’t have.

When dealing with your temporary staff treat them as you would your permanent positions. Not all of them are going to stay with you, but some of them might. Staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas work with a limited pool of currently available, full time candidates. Expand to temp agencies in Dallas, TX to see an influx of fresh candidates and possibilities. Once you’ve got your eye on someone for a temp to perm position follow these steps to engage their interest.

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