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Induction 101: A Guide to Onboarding New Employees

Induction 101: A Guide to Onboarding New Employees

The first day experience of an employee stays with them for a long time. It tells them a lot about the company’s values, its culture, focus and a lot of similar dynamics. In fact, most employers would agree that they have faced instances wherein new employees don’t show up for work after a sour experience on the first-day. To ensure you don’t have to face a similar scenario, have a comprehensive plan to guide every newcomer from the first day of joining the team.

1. Induction

First send out an email to the all the existing employees, with the new employee in ‘cc’, introducing everybody to the new employee. Later during the day, you can plan a small get-together in the office to introduce the new employee to everyone. The get-together not only helps new employees gel with the existing employees better, but it also impacts the productivity of the new employees as it helps new employees settle faster.

2. Welcome Email

Onboarding begins even before day one. Once a candidate accepts your offer, signs it and returns it, send them a welcome email. The objective of this email is to not only thank the candidate, but to also inform them about their joining date, timing, first day’s schedule, reporting venue and officer. The email may also include the list of documents that you would require the candidates to bring along for completing the joining formality.

3. Welcome Kit

Presenting a well-organized and branded welcome kit is a great way to set a great first-day impression on your employees. Ensure, the kit has all the must-have elements such as

  • A welcome letter that gives the employee a brief description of the company
  • A one-page employee information form
  • Tax deposit forms such as Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • Information related to employee benefits, insurance and retirement
  • Company directory

4. Buddy Up

Often the new employees are left by themselves or with a group of other new employees for the first few hours on their first day. This can be harmful to the spirit of new employees who might be very excited about their first day at office. To avoid this, you can assign a buddy to the new employees. Usually a buddy is a company-identified employee or someone from the company who volunteers to help the new employee’s get familiar with the company, its processes, and its culture. Assigning a buddy also accelerates the learning process of the new employees, thereby making them productive soon. In addition to a buddy, you may also have an incubation team that consists of at least one employee from all the departments that the new employee needs to interact with as a part of their joining formalities or work related necessities.

5. Desk Supplies

Before you introduce new employees to their work space, make sure everything that the they may need to settle down and take up their responsibilities. Their workstation should be ready with the login id and password, their email ids and other relevant accounts should be configured, at least a day prior of their joining date. You may also update their official contact list with the details of the people with whom they will be closely working or may need help from, such as HR, IT, Finance and other departments. If you want to do something fun, you can have their workstations decorated or personalized welcome messages from team members.

Last Few Words

Employers must take all possible measures to make the right impression on new employees, and therefore, need to optimize their onboarding processes and should constantly strive to make them better. Organizations travel great miles with staffing agencies to hire the best people, which is why it becomes imperative for them to ensure that the new joinees don’t leave due to a sour onboarding experience. If you are looking to leverage the expertise of a staffing agency in Dallas, Texas, with a long, distinguished track record, Delta Dallas is a name you can trust. To discuss your requirements, call us at (972) 788-2300 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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