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It Pays to Hire a Financial Recruiter

It Pays to Hire a Financial Recruiter

Local companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, often find it challenging to find talented candidates to fill finance jobs in Dallas. The estimated time to fill these positions generally takes one month. Likewise, it can take up to five weeks to fill Senior Management opportunities when not using a Dallas finance recruiter.

Alternatively, in today’s market, a Financial Recruiter is the most efficient way to fill finance and accounting positions. This avenue is generally met with mixed emotions because of the cost generally associated with it. However, several factors make Dallas finance recruiters, unquestionably, the best option.

Financial recruiters vet their candidates in person

Dallas finance recruiters discover traits that a resume does not indicate, by meeting with candidates in person. Each recruiter thoroughly vets and tests each potential candidate before scheduling an interview. Should a candidate present difficulty with punctuality, appearance, or attitude, the recruiter will not clear them. The use of a finance recruiter mitigates the risk of hiring and discovering unwanted traits in candidates, saving the company money in the long run.

A recruiter’s reputation is based strictly on the quality of their candidates. When finance and accounting recruiters in Dallas, Texas present a candidate, they know it’s a match.

No risky costs involved

A reputable finance and recruiting agency operates on a contingency basis. Meaning, unless a candidate is hired, there is no cost to the company. This in turn, provides the company freedom to focus on matters that are more pertinent, while the recruiter worries about the job opening.

Financial recruiters accelerate the complete hiring process

Without a recruiter, the hiring process falls on Human Resources or the Department Manager in need. Countless hours are lost by creating the employment advertisement, sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and screening candidates. A Dallas finance recruiter gives you this time back by championing this process themselves.

Companies can amplify their hiring efforts through financial recruiters that specialize in finance jobs in Dallas and the surrounding areas. These recruiters are educated in the current Dallas, Texas employment trends and host mass databases of skilled professionals that meet any company’s hiring needs.

Because time is money

Because time is money, it pays to hire a Dallas Financial Recruiter. Not only is the recruitment process safer and faster; it’s cost effective. In addition, when you factor in the current market competition of finance jobs in the Dallas market, hiring a Dallas Financial Recruiter makes perfect sense.

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Our office is located at 16000 North Dallas Parkway Suite 150, Dallas TX, 75248 – just off the Dallas North Tollway between Arapaho and Keller Springs, on the northbound side of the Tollway. We are in the Tollway Plaza Center, in the North building.