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Looking to Hire a Staffing Agency? Here is a Must-Read!

Looking to Hire a Staffing Agency? Here is a Must-Read!

An increasing number of businesses are turning to staffing agencies to fulfill their human capital acquisition and management needs. Staffing agencies have sophisticated recruitment and selection processes to source high-quality talent, precisely aligned with client requirements. Finding a staffing agency that can deliver on your prerequisites, however, can be difficult as finding high-quality talent. To help, in this blog post, we list some of the key factors you need to consider when hiring a staffing agency.

Types of Positions Filled

A business must outline its staffing needs before turning to an agency to find the right talent. Here are the most common employment models agencies work on:
Temporary Hire – A staffing agency finds candidates who work on temporary projects and have a pre-defined employment tenure. These employees will remain on the payroll of the staffing company but work for the client.

Direct Hire – A staffing company acts as a recruiter in the scenario of direct hire and the candidate hired will be on the payroll of the client.

Temp-to-Hire – A staffing company will sign a contract with the employee, and the client has the option to hire the candidate as a permanent employee on its payroll once the contact tenure ends.

Industry Expertise

The industry expertise of a staffing agency plays a key role in determining the type of talent it can source. Look for an agency with prior experience in hiring for clients from your industry, who could be your direct competitors or larger players in the segment. It is, however, worth mentioning that some agencies specialize in hiring for multiple industries.

Screening Methods

Businesses turn to a staffing agency with the expectation of getting the best of talent from the industry. It is, therefore, imperative that you ask about screening methods of the company and if they are willing to customize the process as per their client’s requirement. Ask about the background and reference check process the recruitment team in the agency follows, when shortlisting candidates.

Qualification of Recruiters

Another factor to consider when hiring a staffing agency is the qualification of its recruiters. The qualifications of the team members would give you a fair idea of how adept they would be at understanding and fulfilling your human capital needs. Look for a recruitment team that is aware of the latest HR trends in your industry and has relevant hiring experience.

Summing Up

Hiring a staffing company takes away the stress of screening candidates and allows you to focus on other core functions of your business. If you are looking for a staffing agency specializing in hiring for human resource, accounting, real estate and administrative roles, the search ends at Delta Dallas. We have more than three decades of experience in offering end-to-end talent acquisition and management solutions. To learn more about our staffing services, call (972)788-2300.

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