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Should You Be Creating a Hiring Strategy Now for 2017?

Should You Be Creating a Hiring Strategy Now for 2017?

It’s that time of the year when people are setting their budgets and making plans on how to celebrate the festive season. For businesses, it’s also the season of planning. This is the time to project future workforce requirements and the budget required to complete the task. It is, however, not easy to determine how much staff you will need to hire in the coming year, and neither is onboarding that demand. That’s why you must take the initiative, from evaluating your growing business needs to partnering with a reputable recruiting firm in Dallas, well in advance. In the meantime, let’s look at how you can create a smart staffing plan for your firm, with the help of two hypothetical situations.

Scenario#1 : You’re Short on Staff

You know that you would need X number of employees to meet Y number of objectives, by the start of next year. That’s not all, however. Even when you have a close-to-correct staffing projection report, you must consider more than a few factors to meet your business objectives.

Hiring Speed

The foremost thing you must do, besides assessing how many employees your company will require in 2017, is to find out how fast you can hire them. Remember, skilled candidates are in high demand, and if you don’t act at the right time, the rest of your hiring efforts may fail, especially if your business is in an area where the demand for talent is already soaring. Perhaps, you need to begin your candidate search earlier than your competitors.


Analyze all factors, from your job postings to offerings to how much time you take to screen potential candidates, which may be preventing your company from hiring the right talent. Are your compensation packages on par with the market for top candidates? How easy have you made it for candidates in remote locations to appear for the interview? Check! Perhaps, a few changes may make things better for your company.

Scenario#2 : You Have Enough Workforce

Even when you think you have enough staff to accomplish your business objectives for 2017, you must pay attention to a couple of factors, including:

Capability to Tackle Unexpected Demands

Economical conditions keep changing and so do the business requirements. Who knows, your increasing work demand may require that you double your workforce in the next six months? Or, several of your team members may quit their jobs, on a short notice, very soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that 3 million employees quit their jobs in July, every year. The question is, are you prepared for such unforeseen requirements?

Right Skills for the Projects

Having enough employees within an organization doesn’t mean that you have all the employees with the right skills, and aligned towards the right projects. If that is the case with your company, you may have to hire new employees, sooner or later, even if you have zero vacant positions at the moment. The way forward is to set aside a budget for unplanned hiring needs, and partner with a reputable staffing agency in Dallas, Texas, to make things easier.

It’s the Time to Expedite, Not Pause Your Hiring Activities

Although many employers often pause their hiring activities during the fourth quarter, smart players do the opposite. They understand that skill shortages are for real, and hiring the right talent may take up to several weeks, especially hiring for management roles. Therefore, even if you feel you have an adequate workforce to meet upcoming business goals, have a smart hiring strategy in place to secure your company’s future. Should you need expert assistance from Delta Dallas’ seasoned recruiters, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at (972) 788-2300.

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