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Talent Acquisition Recruiters: 5 Reasons you Need an Application Tracking System

Talent Acquisition Recruiters: 5 Reasons you Need an Application Tracking System

Screening candidates from a pool of applications is not only time consuming, but also converts the whole process of recruitment into a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to application tracking systems (ATS); many recruiters have now cut down on their recruitment time and costs. An ATS is a software application that assists recruiters in managing resumes and other applicant information using a single platform. If you are a talent acquisition recruiter and your screening process is not yet integrated with any ATS, we present five reasons to incorporate one, today.

How it Works

ATS provides a central management platform and database for your recruitment efforts. It collates data from inbound applications submitted on your website and fetched from third-party job portals. In fact, several ATS solutions provide Omni-channel Talent Acquisition ability that allows recruiters to post jobs wherever the candidate is present online and not just randomly publish openings on job portals.


1. Automates the Hiring Process

Deploying an ATS automates various aspects of the recruiting process and creates pathways for seamless internal communications. It automates job posting on online portals, resume screening, and interview scheduling, thereby minimizing the need for manual work, thereby allowing talent acquisition recruiters to focus on other pertinent hiring efforts that require human intellect. Needless to elaborate the reduction in the operating cost you can expect with reduced human hours.

2. Screen a Large Number of Applicants

Given the high unemployment rate, any job listing can trigger a deluge of applications, which also include applications from misfit candidates. Consequently, recruiters have to screen a large number of resumes, which is always a time-intensive exercise if done manually. An ATS filters out the non-qualifying candidates, leaving only the qualified ones for further evaluation, thereby optimizing the productivity of your recruitment team.

3. Alleviates Compliance Concerns

Many employers, especially those that have federal contracts and are subject to audits by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), may face compliance issues if they do not provide clear reasons to disqualified candidates. An ATS not only lets you generate a list of candidates who applied during a specific timeframe, it also gives you detailed info regarding the progress they made in the recruitment process and the reason(s) for their disqualification.

4. Helps Prevent Lawsuits

An ATS helps recruiters prevent hiring discrimination lawsuits arising from biased hiring processes. If any such situation arises, recruiters can use the information provided by ATS as a proof that the candidates were screened out solely based on the predetermined qualification criteria, without any hiring discrimination.

5. Leverage Pass/Fail Rates

When you exhaust your candidate pool but still have open positions, you can run a group-level report to analyze candidates’ pass rates at every stage of the recruitment process to identify the ones who almost made it through the screening process but were not pursued further due to some reason. Knowing the pass rate at every step of the hiring process helps you reevaluate the candidature of almost qualified applicants.

6. Build a Recruiting Pipeline

When you post a job, you receive numerous responses. An applicant tracking system narrows the list to qualified candidates for the position. Further screening leads you to the most qualified candidates, among which you can select the most suitable applicant to fill the position. Alternately, those qualified candidates that you do not hire go into your recruiting pipeline. This, in turn, shortens your recruiting time on future job openings.

Wrapping Up

Application tracking systems are a boon for every talent acquisition recruiter and if you are not using one, you could be creating extra hassles for yourself and maybe even exposing your organization to various legal complications. To keep such issues at bay without having to invest in an ATS, you can hire a recruitment expert such as Delta Dallas. When you choose us as your recruitment partner, you benefit from three decades of focused talent acquisition experience in administration, human resource, technology, and accounting, among others. To learn more, call us at (972) 788-2300, or use our contact form to hire one of the best staffing agencies in Dallas.

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