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Temp Staffing: A Flexible Solution for Manpower Challenges

Temp Staffing: A Flexible Solution for Manpower Challenges

A recent joint study conducted by the Financial Executives Research Foundation and Robert Half, shows that approximately 67 percent of the organizations with more than $5 billion annual revenue make use of contractual or temporary professionals. The companies that hire temporary employees, whether through temp agencies or other means, leverage the option for more reasons than one. In this post, we look at the ways in which temporary employees help organizations in maintaining seamless production with optimum efficiency.

Analyze a Good Match for Full-time Position

For many employers, temporary hiring is a great way to find out the right full-time hire. If a contractual employee meets the employer’s expectations throughout the contract, the person may qualify for a full-time position. This way, employers provide a nesting period to employees, without giving them a hint that they were being tested for a full-time role, and avoid bad hires.

Fill the Gap for Employees on Long Leaves

Employees in your organization may take long-leaves for time to time – be it due to illness, maternity, or some other reason. When an employee takes leave for an extended period, their workload gets transferred to others. Such a situation can create discontent among existing employees due to excess work and even compel them to make a switch. A temporary hiring can help companies tackle such challenges by alleviating the existing workload and preventing employees from a potential burnout.

Assess if the Workload Requires a Full-time Hire

Although maintaining an optimum number of human resources is a tough task, it is indeed possible, and temporary hiring can be of great help in this regard. If decisionmakers see that the company continuously needs temporary employees for a certain role or project, they can convert that position into a full-time role.

Assist in a Major Project

Temporary hiring is an ideal way forward for companies that need an expert for a specific project. For instance, if a company requires an expert for a major IT project, it can hire an IT professional on a contract basis to assist the existing employees. This action would help acquire the additional skills required for the successful completion of the project and also ensure optimal utilization of human resources.


Temporary professionals offer great flexibility when it comes to fulfilling staffing needs that may fluctuate due to seasonal demands and other factors. Employers and temp staffing agencies, however, are required to comply with a number of laws associated with temp hiring. Delta Dallas is one of the most reputable temp agencies in Dallas, Texas, with years of experience in sourcing temporary professionals for diverse roles. Our talent acquisition solutions can help you acquire vetted candidates with proven competence in their respective domains. To speak to one of our hiring experts, call us @ (972) 788-2300 or fill out our contact form.

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