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The Pros and Cons of Flexibility in the Workplace

The Pros and Cons of Flexibility in the Workplace

The debate regarding fixed and flexible scheduling in the workplace is heating up with every passing day. Technological advancements and increased focus on employee satisfaction are driving even staunch believers in fixed schedules into giving flexible schedules a try. Candidates now look beyond paycheques, before applying for a job, to establish and compare benefits on offer from various companies. Corporates are rethinking the longstanding workplace strategies, and are embracing new models, such as work from home and occasional half days. Some organizations are even changing their recruitment strategies, while others are giving up on the conventional way of recruiting and hiring hr staffing agencies, to identify, recruit,  and retain the best of talents in the job market. If you too are planning to introduce flexible schedule in your organization, ensure you understand the pros and cons of having flexibilities at workplace. Continuing the discussion further, in this blogpost, we are highlighting more than a few pros and cons of flexibility at workplace. Take a look.


Better Morale

Most employees love the idea of working for fewer hours and having the rest of the day to themselves. This prompts them to give more than their 100 percent in the limited time they have at work. They also feel exuberant about being at workplace, which can rub on to other employees, resulting in a cheerful office environment and better morale of the workforce.

Improved Efficiency

Inner happiness of the employees translates into performance. Cheerful employees start enjoying their job and willing perform their task. Additionally, maintaining a positive work environment impacts the efficiency of the entire workforce.

Lower Attrition Rate

The feeling of discontent at workplace push employees to start looking for options. Allowing them to work according to their convenience develops a positive attitude towards the company, which translates into a longer tenure with the organization.

Decreased Overheads

Giving employees a free hand at work can increase their interest levels, which may result in completion of work before time, thereby decreasing your overheads. It is anyday better than employees logging more hours at workplace and not delivering results.



Flexible timings see employees coming and leaving the office throughout the day, which may make affect the availability of resources when needed. Regular entrance and exit of employees also disrupts office decorum and distracts fellow workers. Additionally, flexibilities, such as work from home and occasional half days can impact the organizational workflow, as employees always have the “work timing” in the back of their mind, which distracts them from their work.


Flexibility can result in employees becoming complacent in their work. Working from home or at odd-hours means there’s no one to question them about their work, resulting in self-satisfaction and lead them into being content about their performance.

Reduced Productivity

Flexibility can result in employees taking things for granted. Working from home, for instance, gives employees the freedom to work at their own will. This may lead to situations where they exploit the flexibility by focusing on personal stuff and relegating work to being a secondary concern, significantly impacting productivity.


If you want the best of talents to work for your organization, you not only need to offer better paycheques but also provide extra benefits, such as a flexible work arrangement. Even though there’s a negative side to adopting a flexible schedule, there are way more positives to enjoy for your organization. Hire the cream of HR staffing agencies for expert help in recruiting the best talent. Delta Dallas, a leading recruiting firm in Dallas, Texas, provides end-to-end staffing solutions to assist companies hire the best talents in administration, accounting, finance, human resource, legal and information technology. We also provide holistic solutions for workforce management, workforce analytics, and skill-based training. To know more about our staffing services, fill out the contact form and one of our representative will get in touch with you, shortly. You can also call us at (972) 788-2300.

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