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Three Common Reasons Perfect Applicants Don’t Work Out

Three Common Reasons Perfect Applicants Don’t Work Out

The hiring process is a long, hard slog for both hiring managers and applicants. When the stars align and the perfect applicant’s resume arrives it’s cause for celebration. Too often, however, perfect applicants don’t turn into long term employees. Staffing for IT departments can be difficult; it’s a high demand field, and workers with the mix of education, skills, and experience you want can be hard to come by. When you finally find someone, what factors control whether or not they’ll stay?

Getting a job is different from having a job

There isn’t much that you can do about this first factor, but it bares mentioning. Sometimes, there’s just nothing that you can do about a worker’s enthusiasm. If the candidate came in without current employment they may have been operating under temporary enthusiasm. When you desperately need to pay your rent, every job looks like your dream job. An information technology specialist has to eat just like everyone else.

They got another offer

This problem is common when you don’t hire from IT employment agencies. Workers who are applying on their own often apply to many jobs at once. Even a perfect applicant isn’t going to get every job they apply for. If they waited for each resume application individually they would starve to death before landing a job. That can lead to awkward situations down the line if another job gets back to them. Often, this isn’t a jab at your company or hiring practices. They may have applied to your job fully intending to be happy doing it, but then a job they’d really wanted called them back after a long period of silence.

IT employment agencies keep track of where their information technology specialists have applied, and can get on top of withdrawing applications once your new employee has been hired. Other than that, there really isn’t much that you can do to stop other companies from contacting someone who has applied to work for them.

Difficulty acclimating to a new environment

This in no way upholds a stereotype about information technology specialists and their social skills. A worker can be fun, suave, professional, and still have difficulty adapting to a new work culture. The way to combat this is two-fold. First of all, addressing culture in the initial interview will smooth the process. Hiring from IT employment agencies lets you know the kind of culture an applicant thrives in before they even come in for the interview. Secondly, the new hire’s direct manager should be on the lookout for stress or adaptation. This shouldn’t be a full time occupation. Checking in during the first few weeks will help a new hire feel that they’re getting the support that they need from their new coworkers and manager.

When a perfect applicant comes in for their interview, don’t break out the champagne yet. Even the best, on-paper applicants can encounter bumps in the road. Working with IT employment agencies is a little guarantee that the applicants you’re bringing in enjoy a compatible work culture and are excited not just about having a job, but about having the job you’re offering.

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