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Three Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency Before Hiring

Three Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency Before Hiring

When you’re looking for a staffing agency, Dallas, TX has a few options to choose from. Staffing agencies take the pressure off of your hiring process so that you can focus on picking the right person for the job, not just any person. However, before you can enjoy how simple they make staffing your business, you have to make sure you’re picking the right agency. Three simple questions will show you whether or not you’re putting your trust in the right agency.

What industries do you specialize in?

This simple question will get you off to a great start. Dallas staffing services have a large enough pool to draw from that they can carve out one or two industries to know like the back of their hand. It’s not that you definitely shouldn’t choose an agency that doesn’t make yours their top priority, but you should at least know what they specialize in. They’re going to have the most connections in that field and be most prepared to judge candidates on the same qualifications that you would use to evaluate them.

How do you select candidates for your job opportunities?

This will give you a chance to see how much research the Dallas staffing agency does before recommending someone to you. You want to choose a company that researches your business before offering astaffing solution. They should make sure not only that their candidate is qualified, but that they’re going to fit your corporate culture. Many candidates look amazing on paper but fail to fit in to an established work culture.

This question should also establish what Dallas recruiters need from the company they’re hiring for. Some may have a questionnaire to fill out; some will just want to chat about your goals for the position and for the company. Typically, the more information the company wants from you the better the fit will be. Just be aware that the perfect candidate lives only in dreams; getting a good fit is very likely, but the perfect fit is almost unheard of.

What is your policy if a placed candidate does not perform as expected?

You should always ask for referrals or testimonials first thing when you’re interviewing Dallas recruiters. When you hire from a staffing agency, Dallas, TX review websites provide you with reviewsyou can look through to find a great agency. However, even when you look through reviews, and find a great agency, sometimes a candidate still doesn’t work out. It’s good to know the agency’s process when this happens.

There are many reasons a good applicant doesn’t work out. Whether they’re not happy with the work or the salary, or if they don’t perform as you’d like, you should be able to go back to the companyand expect them to offer you more candidates to choose from. One bad fit should not fulfill their obligation to good service.

These three questions will show you how Dallas staffing services tend to run and help you find a good fit for your company. You can compare and contrast the answers to find the staffing agency that’s going to give your position the care it deserves. Look for a company that does research on your needs and has a strong policy towards replacing candidates who don’t work out.

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