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Top 7 Tips for an Effective Social Media Hiring Strategy

Top 7 Tips for an Effective Social Media Hiring Strategy

According to studies, almost two-thirds of the world’s internet users have a presence on social media platforms. Job recruiting agencies effectively use social media sites to learn more about candidates, which helps recruit the right talent. Going through a prospective candidate’s social media profile and evaluating their activity gives you a fair idea about their personality and the way they think, which is something some staffing agencies often fail to accomplish by scanning the candidate’s resume. If you need help from one of the best Dallas staffing agencies, Delta Dallas is here to help you craft an effective social media strategy to identify the best candidates. To help, the post discusses seven steps you can take to achieve this objective. Take a look.    

1. Create a Dedicated Team

You need to identify and create a dedicated team to handle the organization’s social media accounts. The team can include professionals from the marketing and the HR department to create a brand and target the best talent. Create a clear communication channel to facilitate the exchange of information and share updates in real time. Members from both the departments must contribute informational content such as recent industry events. You must also decide on other aspects of the outreach, such as the type of language you want to use.

2. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Choose a platform according to your target audience to ensure the content gets maximum traction and reaches the relevant section of the population. For example, if your target audience includes adults between the ages of 25-34, using Facebook is a prudent decision, as most users fall in this age group. Other sites like SnapChat and Instagram are mostly used by teens and young professionals (age group 18-25) and help you communicate effectively if the users in the same age group constitute your target audience.

3. Create Engaging Content

The quality of content you post on your organization’s page has a direct influence on the response you get. Include employee testimonials and elements that set your organization apart from competitors. Most importantly, mention your organization’s vision and mission statement to provide a value proposition to visitors. You can also use infographics, workplace pictures, and videos to make the content more engaging. If you’re using hashtags to tweet an opening, consider adding the city’s abbreviation to only communicate with a relevant audience.

4. Learn to use Search Tools

Many social media sites have search tools to help you streamline your social media recruitment strategy. For example, Facebook has a tool that can help you search employees by organization and city. Other tools like Hashtracking and TweetBinder can help you perform different tasks such as recovering content you have posted on social media sites, generate reports, and use analytics  to track the performance of your posts.

5.Involve Employees

In a survey conducted by Monster.com, almost 65 percent of respondents showed interest in a job opening suggested by a person known to them. Your employees are the most important brand ambassadors for the organization. Encourage them to participate in the recruitment process by tweeting job openings and post engaging content that talks about the workplace culture, and provide incentives for referring new talent.

6. Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is expected to generate more than $113 billion in revenue for social media sites by 2020, signifying an ever-increasing number of users that click on such ads. Engaging in paid advertising can drastically increase your reach and help you target the best candidates. Major players, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are conducting various studies to improve the accuracy of algorithms that draw search results and provides prominence to your brand. Using paid advertising today can therefore, deliver long term benefits  by helping you streamline your recruitment strategy.

7. Keep a Record of Decisions Taken

It is important to keep track of recruitment decisions your managers take. They must take and preserve printouts of the pages on which they base their recruitment decisions. They must also mention the reason for rejections. Documenting the decisions helps avoid legal hassles if a particular candidate alleges discrimination and takes legal recourse to challenge your hiring decisions.

Final few Words

To enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy, you need to collaborate with a reputable job recruitment agency that can execute all the steps involved in identifying and hiring the best talent. At Delta Dallas, we provide tailormade recruitment solutions to diverse industries such as Accounting and Bookkeeping. We’re a reputable Dallas staffing agency that stands ready to help you streamline your recruitment strategy. To learn more about our job recruitment services, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 788-2300.

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