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Unable to Land Your Dream Job? Your “Body Language” Might be the Problem By Nanette Dorsett

Unable to Land Your Dream Job? Your “Body Language” Might be the Problem By Nanette Dorsett

When it comes to cracking an interview, the right choice of words can be a game changer, but besides that, nonverbal communication also plays a key role. Most interviewers start assessing candidates even before they speak the first words, and that’s what brings this discussion to the importance of body language in an interview. To help you crack the code, here’s some expert advice on how to let your body do the talking when facing an interview.

Stay Attentive

Your potential employer or the interviewer may start observing you before the interview starts. While you are in the waiting area, sit straight and alert because chances are that the interviewer may be watching you through a CCTV camera, or the receptionist and future co-workers may be observing you.

Firm Handshake

The way you handshake is an indication of how confident you are. Usually, it’s advisable to give a firm handshake. A good handshake is, however, neither too firm, nor too limp. Before you go for an interview, practice handshaking with a friend to get the right balance. Remember – The rule of thumb is to “shake it, not break it”.

Make Eye Contact

The best way to show you are confident is to make eye contact with the interviewer. This doesn’t mean that you stare down your interviewer. If there’s more than one interviewer, be sure you make eye contact with everyone, especially when shaking their hand. If one of them asks you a question, begin by answering them first, but do make sure you have eye contact with other interviewers as well.

Use Hand Gestures

If you have a habit of using your hands while talking, then go ahead and use hand gestures, don’t restrict yourself. It is advisable to do so because restricting your natural gestures may make you self conscious. However, make sure that you don’t get too excited and lose your focus during the interview.

Take a Deep Breath

Many of us tend to get nervous during interviews. One of the ways to get rid of the nervousness is to breathe properly. When in an interview, take a deep breath and speak when you exhale. Deep breathing is recommended because it engages our parasympathetic reaction that reduces blood pressure, heart rate and stress level, helping us calm down and stay relaxed.

Also, do your homework on the company, research and know them when you go into interview. Have at least two to three questions for them. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you to decide if it is a place you want to work.

Looking for Your Dream Job?

Following the tips mentioned in this post will help you get one step closer to your dream job. You may still need help. Think about seeking the services of a recruitment agency that can help you find relevant job openings. If you are looking for a job in Dallas or nearby areas, we at Delta Dallas would be happy to help you find your dream job. We are a full-service Dallas staffing agency that provides recruitment solutions to companies from different industries. To learn more about us, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 788-2300

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