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What Can be Done about the Increasing Hiring Challenges in Texas’ Real Estate Industry?

What Can be Done about the Increasing Hiring Challenges in Texas’ Real Estate Industry?

Texas, has an estimated population of 28.449 million in 2017, and is the second most populous state in the U.S. The state has experienced a consistent growth in population, and demand for residential apartments. It goes without saying that more companies are coming forward to capitalize on the growth potential of Texas real estate and increasing the number of jobs. But the growth has had a negative effect too. It has become more difficult to find qualified professionals. What can be done about the hiring challenges in real estate?

Ensure Clarity in Job Descriptions

A well-thought out job description plays a key role in attracting the right candidates. When you post a job opening, it is likely that other employers are also looking for candidates for the same positions. In order to attract the most qualified candidates, you need to come up with an interesting and detailed job description. Provide a detailed account of the responsibilities, the structure of the team or department within the company, the growth path, employee benefits, culture, and any other information pertinent to the position.

Offer Better Incentives

Everyone dreams of getting a fat paycheck. But receiving the same sum month after month can get mundane. Having a performance-based incentive plan in place helps address this problem. These incentive plans not only help you attract more candidates but also drives employees to work harder. Research to find out the incentives of other organizations in your industry.

Practice a Target-Based Salary Division

Another way to attract potential candidates a job is offering a fixed salary with a performance-based variable. In this model, you decide on a fixed salary for the month, and the rest of the salary is given out to employees on a pro-rata basis. By having a performance-based salary division, both the employee and employer are in a win-win situation, as employees have an opportunity to earn more than their fixed salary and employers get more business when the employee works hard to earn the maximum possible amount.

Rethink the Hiring Strategy

Given the talent crunch in the real estate industry, the time taken for the recruitment process can be a huge concern for companies. This makes extremely important to look beyond traditional methods of recruitment. Explore other avenues like social networking sites. It is also advisable for companies to hire a high caliber staffing agency to take care of the job. Professional staffing agencies maintain a huge database of potential candidates and have expert recruiters in place to screen profiles for various roles.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right candidate for a job profile can be a time and resource intensive process. This is an opportunity for companies to hire a professional staffing agency that can not only help to prepare a comprehensive recruitment strategy but can also take care of your resource management needs. This is where Delta Dallas comes in: We are a team of qualified and experienced talent acquisition consultants, committed to helping companies from different industries find qualified candidates. To learn more about our Dallas employment services simply call contact form (972) 788-230.

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