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Why Should We Hire You: 5 Surefire Ways to Answer the Question

Why Should We Hire You: 5 Surefire Ways to Answer the Question

Job aspirants spend a lot of time sharpening their technical skills to cover all bases before going for interviews. Though most candidates will possess a satisfactory proficiency in as far as skillset is concerned, not everyone takes time to hone interview skills. Most candidates face one dreaded question every interview, “Why Should We Hire You?” Candidates sometimes find it difficult to come up with a satisfactory answer that seals the job offer. The question tests a candidate on several parameters and employers expect something more than cliche answers such as “I am the best”. If you are in Dallas and need the best interview coaching and other benefits, contact staffing agencies such as Delta Dallas. To help you increase chances of getting selected, we present five foolproof ways to answer the question. Read on!

1. Present Your Skill as a Solution

Organizations look for “problem solvers” and not “employees” when interviewing. They want people who can come forward with suggestions to eliminate pain areas crippling organizational growth. If a candidate is aware of the pain areas of an organization, they should try to present their skill set as a possible solution to the problems. Tell the interviewer how your skills helped your last employer to minimize or eliminate some of their challenges. Always remember that you need to convince the employer that you are a solution to their problems and not another cubicle guy.

2. Pinpoint Your Past Achievements

The idea behind pinpointing achievements is not to brag, but convince the employer that you are a perfect fit for the role. Even then, it’s advisable to talk only about relevant achievements concerning the role, as talking about irrelevant stuff, such as how you won the basketball match in your last organization, won’t help. Achievements such as driving more sales, controlling costs, or streamlining operations deserve mention. You should be able to paint a detailed representation of the strategies you used to achieve a particular organizational feat. Involving the “how” angle builds trust as a credible resource, which in turn increases the likelihood of getting selected.

3. Emphasize Your Qualifications and Work Experience

Though real-world working experience matters the most to employers, this shouldn’t stop you from showcasing your qualifications. Employers get many job applications with the desired working experience for a particular role, but most of them lack certifications and in-demand educational qualifications. Brandishing a higher degree or role-specific certifications will always work in your favor, no matter how tough or tricky the interview. If you have a master’s degree, say it aloud the next time an interviewer asks, “Why should we hire you?” Don’t compare your qualifications with other applicants; however, always make sure to mention yours.

4. Take a Cue from the Job Listing to Answer

Many applicants skim job listings and therefore, miss out on vital pointers that can be rephrased or put to good use in answering the question. Take the time to read the job listing and description to get an understanding of what the recruiter expects from the ideal candidate. Learn about the verticals and services offered by the company to make a positive impression on the employer by showing that you are really serious about closing the position and not just collecting another job offer so you can decide later. Talk about your understanding of the job listing and what made you feel like an ideal fit for the job. If you find it difficult to understand the job description, seek assistance from staffing agencies.

5. Talk About Unique Personality Aspects

Apart from role-specific qualities and skills, organizations prefer hiring people with unique personalities and traits. If you are someone with a good sense of humor or people consult you for financial advice, use such details as add-on facts to increase your chances of getting hired. Talk about your personality in detail to try and be an open book to the employer. Give the recruiter a reason to visualize you as one of the most suitable candidates for the role, if not the best. To do that, quote real life examples to explain how a particular quality helped you win in a situation.When taking a cue from your life, talk about real instances and avoid framing situations.

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To turn an interview into a successful “job offer”, it’s essential to know how to answer questions and market yourself during the interview. Many candidates fumble as lack of preparedness and pressure start to get the better of them during the interview. Organizations test you on several parameters of which technical skillset is one. Delta Dallas helps companies recruit the best talent to fill vacant temporary and permanent job openings in Dallas, Texas. If you are searching for a job and need help in polishing your interview skills, recruiters at Delta Dallas can help. We are a Dallas based staffing agency committed to assist you find your desired job with reputable employers or grow your career. For details, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 788-2300.

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