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Delta Dallas provides talent acquisition solutions in the areas of Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

Job Search Dallas TX - Delta Dallas

Delta Dallas, a full-service Dallas staffing agency in Dallas, provides talent acquisition solutions in the areas such as Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Administration.

Delta Dallas is among the leading staffing agencies in Dallas, Tx that brings you the most accomplished and proficient talent for contract work or direct hire placements in administrative, human resources, accounting, and technical positions. Our guarantee means you leverage the strength of vetted candidates, who demonstrate the industry acumen and interpersonal skills endorsed by Delta Dallas.

The Advantages of Working with Delta Dallas:

Long, Distinguished Track Record: You benefit from three decades of focused talent acquisitions expertise in administrative, accounting, human resources, technical, outsourcing and more. The executive management team has been with the company from the beginning and through every evolution.

Specific, Dedicated Recruiting Focus: Delta Dallas, a Dallas employment service provider, has been working in the field of recruitment for over 30 years. Each one of our recruiters specializes in a particular industry and offers a refined knowledge base specific to his or her area of expertise. Our recruiters attend events, participate in continuing education and stay in continual contact with professionals and companies through networking and social media.

Talent and Personality: Our proprietary recruiting methodology includes a unique and extensive face to face interview process designed to uncover each applicant's true skill set and interpersonal makeup that allows us to make the most strategic and productive staffing placements.

Zero Retainer Fee: Delta Dallas, a professional staffing agency, does not charge a retainer fee. We are always mining for qualified candidates and make placements based on contingency fees.

Confidence, Guaranteed: There's something to be said for a company that offers a 100 percent refund if a placement does not work to your advantage. Delta Dallas, leading staffing agency in Dallas, Tx, is confident in the methodology and process used for each placement and we will replace a candidate if necessary to ensure your staffing needs are met.

Delta Dallas' A People Business.

Our Office

Our office is located at 15950 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Dallas, TX, 75248.

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