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The Delta Dallas Team

The core strength of Delta Dallas, which separates us from the rest, is our people. Bringing with them more than 200 years of recruiting and staffing experience, our talent acquisition team members possess proven expertise in their respective fields, enabling us to deliver holistic talent acquisition services and solutions, precisely aligned with client prerequisites. Whether the need is filling an urgent opening, or creating a comprehensive workforce management strategy, Delta Dallas has got you covered. Since inception, our team has been the driving force that has propelled us ahead of competitors and established Delta Dallas as one of the most reputable talent acquisition consulting firms in Texas. Over the years, our team has worked with an exceedingly diverse clientele, which enables us to understand diverse job requirements and prepare a tailored staffing strategy for every client and deliver the desired outcomes in the minimum possible period of time. Here's a glimpse of the mavericks that make Delta Dallas talent acquisition consultants a cut above the rest:

Shana Rae Alegria Recruiter
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Shana Rae Alegria, Recruiter

Shana Rae Alegria

Shana Rae Alegria joined the Delta Dallas team in 2012 offering a wide range of experience including Administrative Support and Fundraising. Shana Rae complements our recruiting team with her keen intuition and unsurpassed interpersonal skills allowing her to effectively interface with all levels of associates. Her background is distinguished by years of experience both in corporate level and middle management environments; affording her the ability to facilitate quality and long-term placements.

    What made you decide to become a recruiter?
  • After years of interaction with all levels of professional positions, this field was the perfect fit.
  • Challenge drives me to reach my full potential, this field and my placements are continually changing and evolving.
  • I truly believe that with great challenges come great rewards, this profession has both!

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
An individual’s career is one of the largest contributing factors to their wellbeing and happiness. The opportunity to be a part of someone’s personal career development is so challenging as well as rewarding. Knowing that I have assisted someone in bettering themselves, and at the same time working with our clients to find the perfect candidate, is what makes me so grateful for my work.

    What makes you unique?
  • My ability to anticipate the needs of both potential candidates and corporations.
  • No matter the situation I strive to be completely authentic and transparent, in this day in age I believe this makes me unique, for better or worse.
  • Fun fact: My last name means happiness in Spanish.

Deborah Davis Partner
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Deborah Davis, Partner

Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis is a Certified Recruiting Professional with over 17 years of solid experience in both corporate entity and recruiting/staffing industry environments. Her success has come from the ability to identify and match the right candidate to the skill set, company culture and goals of both the client and candidate within diverse positions and industries. She has the ability to build strong relationships with Human Resources partners, company leaders and department managers by continuously listening, learning and growing her knowledge of the client and the profiles of the candidates they seek.
Deborah assists in the area of Human Resources and Benefits/Life and Health Insurance within the professional services division of Delta Dallas, ProTech. She partners with clients on a nationwide scale for both contingency and retained search assignments on positions ranging from mid to executive level searches and assists career professionals with obtaining employment with top companies throughout the United States.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
I enjoy building relationships with both candidates and clients. It is a very rewarding to help someone find their "dream job" or to help someone that is unemployed find a great opportunity. The excitement in their voice and the smile on their face when we help them land a great position is priceless. I also love working with my team at Delta Dallas. We challenge and inspire each other to grow both personally and professionally as we work together to help each other succeed.

What makes you unique?
I have the ability to build strong relationships both personally and professionally. I am a mentor to others and enjoy helping others succeed. This is part of my success. I also have a very strong ability to match the right candidates to the right jobs which is proven by having a very low turnover. It’s a sense of accomplishment to know that the candidates that I have placed are still employed and some have even been promoted through the years.

Melissa Johnson, CPC Partner
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Melissa Johnson, CPC, Partner

Melissa Johnson, CPC

Melissa Johnson has been in the staffing industry for 13 years. As Assistant Vice President, Melissa manages high volume accounts that require a high level of service and candidate management. Melissa's experience allows her to create accurate matches in the midst of large-volume demands. Since joining Delta Dallas, Melissa and her team have been recognized at the local and state levels for their excellence in high-volume staffing.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? Hearing the excitement in an employee's voice when I have placed them...or even better...seeing them on their first day of work. The relationships in this business really motivate me. I thrive on building long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

What makes you unique? I would have to say it is my personality.

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Dana Lee Partner
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Dana Lee, Partner

Dana Lee

Dana Lee has been in the staffing industry for 10 years. She is a top producer at Delta Dallas as well as the state and local level and has been recognized many times over for her excellence and production levels. Dana has earned dual industry certifications as a Certified Personnel Consultant and a Certified Temporary Specialist affording her the ability to work with clients not just as a recruiter, but at a consultative level. She is the ultimate team player, and although her tenure at Delta Dallas is 10 years and counting, she would never ask a team player to do something she wouldn't be willing to do. Among her peers, Dana is known as an experienced professional with an amazing memory and the willingness to help out when needed. It's no coincidence that her nickname at Delta Dallas is "Yoda". In 2010, Dana was inducted into the Delta Dallas Partner Circle which was the inaugural induction for this honor meaning Dana was one of the first in Delta Dallas history to receive this honor.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
Changing people's lives every day. Whether I've made a client's life easier by finding them the perfect candidate or the candidate's life easier by finding them the perfect job – my work is immensely satisfying. I'm motivated by the success stories from both clients and candidates. There's nothing better than a hug from a candidate with a smiling, "Thank you!" involved.

What makes you unique?
I'm a certified goofball! Seriously – there are two things that stand out when I describe myself. One, I can talk to a brick wall, and probably make it talk back. Two, I have an amazing memory for people, places and things. There's a reason my nickname is "Yoda"!

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Micha Radford Recruiter
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Micha Radford, Recruiter

Micha Radford

Prior to joining Delta Dallas, Micha Radford was a Hospice Counselor. For nearly 6 years, she worked with terminally ill patients, their families and their healthcare providers. Previous to her experience in the healthcare industry, she was a Family Advocate providing crisis case management, behavior modification counseling and education to survivors of violent acts. Micha was born and raised in Illinois and has 6 brothers and sisters (which strongly contributed to her good sense of humor).

What made you decide to become a recruiter?
Delta Dallas contacted me after finding my profile on LinkedIn. Everyone I met greeted me with a smile and kindness. I strongly believe that the way you greet a stranger is a reflection of your personality.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
Helping others succeed in achieving their goals and making positive changes in their lives. Helping others is what motivates me in all things I do!

What makes you unique?
I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in life. It’s taught me that no matter how terrible you think something is, it could be worse, and there is always someone willing to help, you just need to ask.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I love to be outside whether it’s golfing with my husband or BBQing with friends and family.

Kimberly Wright Recruiter
Recruiting and Fulfillment Administrative


Kimberly Wright, Recruiter

Kimberly Wright

Kimberly Wright joined Delta Dallas in 2011. Kimberly was looking for a change of pace from an insurance firm and brought her resume to us. We saw her experience and talent and decided to make her one of our own!

Kimberly returned to college to complete her degree and received a Bachelor’s in Science from TWU in 2006. Before coming to Delta Dallas, she spent thirteen years as a multi-functional asset at a local insurance agency. She was the Office Manager, Customer Service Team, Bookkeeper and more!

Kimberly has both a heart to help others and a drive to perform to Delta Dallas’ standard, which makes her an asset to our company. She is willing to tackle any task given her with determination to do it correctly the first time.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
My husband, Doug, and I like to spend time relaxing with our Collie, Nugget. I don’t ever really shut off, though – so a lot of my weekends are filled with projects around the house.

Janie Kiser
Customer Experience Team


Janie Kiser

Janie Kiser

Janie Kiser came to Delta Dallas in 2012 as a contract worker, bringing a smorgasbord of experience, including working as an executive assistant, being a business owner along with having a marketing and accounting background. She may have found her fit landing a position on the Customer Experience Team, assisting in overseeing the office functions for Delta Dallas. While not at work, Janie enjoys cooking, entertaining family and friends, scrapbooking and watching her children grow.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
Collecting time, payroll and invoicing week after week may seem repetitive, but finding ways of making it run smoother is what motivates me. Being able to assist our employees and clients on a daily basis is a huge part of my job, and it brings great pleasure knowing they can call me at any time.

What makes you unique?
I wore a couple of different hats as I began my journey with Delta Dallas, being able to fill in the gaps…greeting candidates and clients, assisting our recruiters and sales staff, setting up a work station for a new team member, ordering supplies or making sure our employee gets paid…it all spells success!

Kim Follis Executive Vice President Operations


Kim Follis, Executive Vice President Operations

Kim Follis

Kim Follis accepted the role of Vice President of Staffing in 2006. In her
23-year tenure with Delta Dallas, Kim has served in many roles and has been a vital part of the company’s success. As Vice President, Kim is responsible for leading recruitment teams in finding and securing top-tier candidates for a wide variety of clients. Kim and her team are passionate about matching the right candidate to the right employer, and work hard to ensure that relationships remain at the core of Delta Dallas’ business processes. Kim works with her staff as a manager, a coach and a mentor to elicit top production levels and unrivaled results from her team. Kim’s expertise and experience is widely acknowledged in the staffing profession, and she has been recognized at both the state and local levels for her recruiting ability. Perhaps the best evidence of her abilities can be found in the accolades that individuals and teams have received as a result of her guidance. Her teams and team-members have been recognized repeatedly by the staffing industry for their excellence. She is a true leader and we are proud to call her our own.

    What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
    Helping people reach their goals.
  • Client Companies: I enjoy developing partnerships that help organizations reach objectives and move to the next level through the placement of top talent.
  • Candidates: I appreciate the opportunity to help candidates identify the talents that will allow them to make meaningful contributions as an employee. I love to create opportunities and open doors for candidates to impact employers and be inspired by new employment experiences.
  • Staff: I thrive on helping my team to grow both personally and professionally. I challenge them to be their best; to push, to grow, to serve, to mentor...and to give it all they have got.

What makes you unique? I am passionate, driven, honest, sense of humor, accountable, life-long learner, compassionate, fair and I have a high sense of integrity.

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Debbie Trevino Chief Strategy Officer


Debbie Trevino, Chief Strategy Officer

Debbie Trevino

Debbie Trevino has built a reputation as a strategic partner for a wide-range of DFW organizations. As a partner at Delta Dallas, Debbie works with firms to help them best hire top-tier talent, increase staffing effectiveness, and reduce attrition. She has a comprehensive grasp of cyclical hiring plans and the ability to help clients conduct staffing audits, develop systems for workforce management and implement strategic hiring plans. For over 20 years, Debbie has worked alongside DFW clients helping them to align their staffing requirements with company objectives.

Under Debbie’s leadership, Delta Dallas was named Small Business of the Year by the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, has maintained double-digit growth for nearly two decades, and is the only firm in the DFW area to earn national accreditation through the National Association of Personnel Consultants. Specializing in the placement of accounting & finance, human resources, administrative, information technology and call center professionals, Delta Dallas has become known as a premiere resource for contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire needs. She has led Delta Dallas to the top ranks for professional staffing firms by emphasizing customer service, communication, and best practices. 

Debbie is an energetic, sought-after public speaker whose popularity extends beyond the staffing industry to reach clients, business organizations, and corporations of every size. She leverages her dynamic style to offer insight on topics such as recruiting, sales, customer service, leadership, and business management bringing her audience value through tools that empower positive change.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
Truth be told, I love the staffing industry. It is always changing and it provides a constant challenge. I get to put my problem-solving skills to use each and every day. I'm motivated by the opportunity to help companies achieve greatness by hiring the right people at the right time.

What makes you unique?
I persevere no matter what obstacles lie in front of me.

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Don Crawford President and CEO


Don Crawford, President and CEO

Don Crawford

Don Crawford was appointed President and CEO of Delta Dallas in 2006 after serving the company for 10 years. As CEO, Don leverages his experience in operations, sales, IT, and accounting to provide leadership and strategic guidance for the company. During Don’s tenure, Delta Dallas has assembled a diverse, seasoned team of recruiters who are empowered to help both clients and job candidates succeed. Don is committed to maintaining the dynamic culture and strong values that have become the hallmarks of Delta Dallas' history since 1983. You don't have to look far to find evidence of Don's commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, as he makes himself available to all of his clients, candidates, and employees. Don may be reached at 972-788-2300 X210 or via his cell at 214-763-3545.

What is the best thing about being in the staffing industry? What motivates you?
People motivate me. This is a business focused on helping individuals and organizations connect for a more productive future. I can tangibly see the difference we make in lives and organizations each day, and for me, that is the most rewarding part.

What makes you unique?
I have bowled an 800 series and a few 300 games.

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Linda Crawford, CPC, CTS Chairman


Linda Crawford, CPC, CTS, Chairman

Linda Crawford, CPC, CTS

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