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A Roadmap for Developing an Effective Staffing Strategy

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Hiring staff is a long-term process that factors into the quality of the overall team within an organization. During the last few years, the staffing process has undergone drastic changes due to an array of factors, particularly the “smart” revolution. Companies can no longer rely on traditional practices, when it comes to designing staffing processes. There is need to develop an effective staffing strategy and a reputable staffing agency is the greatest help with contemporary talent acquisition solutions. Elements of a Strategic Staffing Process Anticipate the manpower required to support operations Analyse the staffing avenues currently available to the organization…

4 KRAs of an Information Technology Specialist

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Unless it sells ice to eskimos, every business requires an Information Technology Specialist to help it make effective use of available information technology systems. Their common KRAs (Key Result Areas) include maintaining and designing the technology infrastructure the organization needs to achieve its operating objectives. In addition, Information Technology Specialists are also required to manage relationships with third-party vendors, train end-users, and facilitate hardware and software buying decisions. In a nutshell, they play four key roles in every organization. Let’s take a look. 1. Hardware and Software Support An IT specialist is required to set up and maintain the hardware…